10 Tips to Wear Shimmery Makeup

Hi ladies,
Wearing shimmer makeup can be tricky but pulling it off will give you a superglam look. There is a fine line between gorgeous and ghastly and with shimmers the chances of the latter are higher! Follow these tips and tricks that I have compiled down below to look extra glam and gorgeous diva that you are.

1. Pick one place at a time
Choose one place on your face to add shine. You can either add shimmer to your eyes, cheeks or lips; don’t highlight all of them at once. You can also you use body shimmers or shimmery nail paints too.

2. Remember that less is more
Even if you are just using only one part to add shimmers to, don’t go overboard with them. Instead of putting shimmers all over, start small with little accents of shimmer on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Keeping the look neat and clean is of utmost priority when using shimmers.

3. Choose metallic shadows
If you don’t want to use shimmers on your face and still want to try the look, then you can go for metallic shadows in gorgeous hues of gold, silver and bronze. Metallic makeup has a subtle shimmer with just enough sparkle to make any look pop.

highlighted cheeks

4. Use shimmering highlighter
You can use a shimmering highlighter to highlight prominent parts of the face, such as the cheeks and nose. Fine shimmer particles actually provide a glistening and glowing look to the face.

5. Use chic cheek shimmers
When using shimmers on cheeks, the key is to choose shimmers that match your skin tone really well. Finely milled loose shimmer can be dusted on the cheekbones using a fan brush for just the right hint of sparkle on the face.

6. Brush it up
We sometimes use our fingers to blend some makeup products but shimmers should not be one of them. Shimmers look good when blended really well on the skin and to do that use makeup brushes instead of your fingers.

shimmer eyes

7. Enhance your eyes
Eyes can be great to play up shimmer particles. You can go all out on sheen and shine or you can choose to for neutral-coloured shimmery eye shadows for a more relaxed look. You can also use a dampened brush for a more metallic liquid kind of look which will stay for very long.

8. Mix textures on your lips
You can get a fuller pout using different textures on your lips. Use a creamy or matte lipstick on your lips and then apply metallic gloss just on the centre of your pout.

9. Go for a bronzer
For a more subtle look, shimmer can also be worn in the form of a bronzer. It especially looks good on women with a dusky complexion, but others can use it too, provided it is blended well.

body shimmer

10. Use body shimmers
You can use shimmers on your body other than your face like nails, collarbones, legs, décolleté and shoulders (shimmers give a slimming look). Use a big and fluffy brush to apply finely milled shimmer powder for a gorgeous and luminescent shine.

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