10 Tried and Tested Ways to Relieve Stress

By Priyanka Dixit

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Stress is a bitter truth of today’s world. We all are running in a race to achieve our goals. Personal or professional, you could be stressed because of any reason. But, did you know this normal stress could lead to severe issues like depression, major mood swings, frustration and a negative personality? So, for the wellbeing of your loved ones and for yourself, try these methods if you too are suffering from stress.
10 Tried and Tested Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Aim for a positive lifestyle

Life is what you make it. It can be complicated if you make it that! Try to make a positive environment and surrounding where you can live freely and happily with your family and partner. Just enjoy and laugh when you are with your loved ones and be grateful. Do not ruin the special moments of your life by over thinking and by over-stressing over petty issues.

2. Go for a walk

Walks are really meaningful if you live a stressful life. Life is a journey where ups and downs are common. Morning and evening walks give you some time to spend with yourself and keep your system fit from within. Go for a walk with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you are going along, take some soothing or stress-relieving music with yourself. Once this habit is formed, your stress will disappear into thin air.

3. Spend time with your loved ones

spend time with spouse
Students, working professionals – everyone is busy in their own lives. They just don’t have enough time to spend with their life partner or even with family. This often leads to broken or dysfunctional relationships. Hence, this is the time for you to understand that your relationships and personal life both are as important as your professional life. You won’t believe how much of a difference can a dinner date, an outing, a get-together or a long drive can bring in your life and to your mind. So the next time you feel stressed, take some time out and spend it with your partner, family and pets.

4. Try cooking

Cooking is a form of art, and art forms are often known to bring peace of mind. Hence, when you are free from your work, try cooking. This reduces your tension, anxiety and depression. You always feel excited when you cook yourself and you feel rewarded and valued when the meal is eaten and appreciated by others.

5. Sleep over it

Enough sleep is mandatory for the body and mind to function perfectly. Sleep is the key part to a healthy and active lifestyle. Adequate sleep benefits our weight, mind, body and heart. Whereas poor sleep can affect your memory, mood and judgment power. We all need at least eight hours of sleep. But, when you feel stressed, a nap during the day can totally freshen you up.

6. Meditate

meditation at home
Physical activities, like exercise, help us in stress management. Doing physical activities produce endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as a natural pain killer). On the other hand, meditation is a superb way to reduce stress. Meditation in the lap of nature is the best idea to reduce stress; this technique soothes our mind and soul, and makes you strong enough to handle stress.

7. Have some strawberries

This fruit is famous for stress management. Strawberries and its anthocyanins reduce oxidative stress and really work great for relieving stress. This is one of the healthiest fruits with lots of physical and mental health benefits.

8. Juices

Fresh fruit juices
Stay de-stresses with a glass of juice. You can make juice with ingredients like celery, apples, oranges, lemons. Juices are the great way to reduce anxiety or stress, and you will experience increased metabolism too.

9. Breathing techniques

Breathing techniques also have an excellent effect on your mental state. By slowing your breathing and commanding deep, long breaths from diaphragm, you move your body to a state of relaxation.

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