10 Unique Ways To Winterize Your Summer Wardrobe

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We understand how much time and money you all spend after buying the exclusive pieces in your wardrobe. And thus, we want you to look fashionable in them throughout the year. You won’t be missing your little denim skirt or the crop top this winter. Go through this post to get some amazing ideas and winterize your summer wardrobe. You will look hot and stay warm at the same time!

1. Short Skirt with Socks and Leggings:

If you love wearing miniskirts in summer, you can wear them in the winter as well. Pair them with thigh high socks and leather boots to look like the high street fashion queen. You can also pair it with a black legging or other coloured leggings to add some contrast. You can do the same with your denim shorts and rompers too.

2. Transform Your Floral Dress to Skirt:

The girly, floral, summer dress can become a beautiful, printed skirt in the summer. Wear a skivvy over the dress and add a belt to the waist. Pair it with stockings and high boots to keep you warm.

Floral Dresses into Skirt

3. Wear the Shift Dress over Turtleneck:

While the shift dresses are great for summer, they are not so perfect for the winter season. However, a fashionista can make anything work. You can wear a skivvy or turtleneck top beneath the dress. Try to pair monochrome skivvy or top with a printed dress and vice versa. This adds some contrast and looks very stylish.

4. Layer the Crop Top:

Layering crop top over turtlenecks and skivvies not only look stylish but also prevent your belly button from freezing. You can also add a jacket or shrug over the crop top to intensify the layering effect.

Layer Crop Tops

5. Wear your Denim under the Wrap Skirt and Maxi Dress:

Wrap skirts, long skirts and maxi dresses are the perfect breezy summer outfit. You can wear them in the winter too. Wear your denim pant, leather pant or leggings under them. You can layer it up with sweaters and long jackets.

6. Pair the Dungaree with Turtle Neck:

The summer dungaree can be worn in winter over turtleneck tops and skivvies. Blue denim dungarees look perfect with black skivvy or turtleneck. You can also wear it with monochrome or printed hooded top.

Turtleneck with Dungarees

7. Don’t Miss your Jumpsuit:

If your jumpsuit is well fitted, you can wear a top or shirt over it to get the typical pant-shirt look. Also, you can wear leather jackets or long shrugs over the jumpsuit to keep you warm. Just like dungaree, the sleeveless jumpsuit can be paired with a turtleneck or skivvy.

8. Denim over Denim:

Your favourite denim dress or shirt can be layered with other denim items in the winter. Wear your denim shirt with other tops or sweaters and it will act like a jacket. You can wear the denim dress with a tightly fitted denim pant. Denim skirts are heavier than other skirts and thus you can easily wear them in the winter. Pair denim pieces with colourful, printed pieces from your closet to get the perfect combination.

Denim over Denim

9. Summer Sandals with Stockings:

Just like your dresses, you can also winterize your summer shoes. You do not have to wear boots throughout the winter. You can wear the strappy, colourful sandals too. Pair it with a solid coloured stocking and your feet will stay warm throughout the day.

10. Sarees for Winter:

Many women think that they cannot wear ethnic outfits in the winter. You can wear your heavily embroidered sarees to wedding parties in winter too. Replace the blouse with a sweater or skivvy in the winter. You can also wear a jacket over the saree to get the indo-western look that Sridevi rocked in “English Vinglish”. You can replace the petticoat with leggings too. Wrapping the pallu around the neck acts as a scarf and also increases your glamour quotient.

Saree for Winters

Keep experimenting with your style this winter and have unlimited fun. Do let us know about your favourite way of winterizing the summer pieces!

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