10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED!

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Fashion is ever changing and always evolving and so are the myths and rules attached to it. I did a post called “Fashion Myths and Rules We All Must Break!” a while back. In today’s post let’s find out about some more fashion rules you need to break and to evolve the true fashionista in you.

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED!

1. No Figure-Hugging Skirts for Pear Shaped Women

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED!6

A skirt is one piece of outfit that can look good on all the body shapes. You just have to know which one will suit your body. If you think you are heavy on the bottom and you can’t wear figure-hugging skirts then think again. Form-fitting like mermaid-cut skirt that flares at, or below, the knee can do wonders to provide proportion to your body.

2. Always Match Purse with Shoes

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 2

Wearing matching accessories can get boring and monotonous after a while. You can get more wear out of your wardrobe if you mix and match things. Try to find different contrasting colours, textures and fabrics that work together and don’t buy any fashion stereotypes.

3. Don’t Wear Stockings with Open Shoes

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 1

Of course, you can! The key is to wear your shoes with a pair of tights that are a very close colour match to your shoes. You can also try colour blocking by choosing any quirky and vibrant shade to go with your black open-toed shoes.

4. No Minis after 35

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 5

If you think you have got the legs to show off, then show them off by all means. Just stick to understated silhouettes of the skirt with simple hair and makeup. And if you are still in split minds, then see the pic above. She is definitely not twenty.

5. Leather Jackets Don’t Look Feminine

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 8

I will just let you drool at the pic, and let you analyse for yourself..

6. V-Neck Tops will Minimise Large Bust

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 7

Actually it does not! If you have got bigger bust area then a V-neck top will put emphasis on them even more. It does nothing to minimise them. If you are all for showing cleavage then surely go for it, but if you don’t want certain men looking down at your bust area, then it is probably not a good idea. Although you can cover the exposed part with a scarf or a neckpiece.

7. Blue and Green Should Never be Seen Together

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 3

Blue and green are 2 vibrant shades which can complement each other really well and can make an outfit more interesting. If you think you can’t wear these contrasting colours together then you can always go for the safest option of navy blue and any shade of green.

8. Always Buy The Same Size

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 4

Sizes of the clothes vary a lot with brands, store and item. If you are buying something off the market that is cheaper then chances are you will probably need a bigger size. If when you are online shopping make sure to analyse the outfit properly.

9. Shorts are Only for Summers

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 9

Shorts are all about chic vibes and comfort no matter what the season is. Shorts in leather, wool or denim paired with opaque black tights and ankle boots can do wonders to break the monotony of winter wear.

10. You Should Dress Only as per Your Body Type

10 Very Prominent Fashion Rules BUSTED! 10

This is true to some extent, but if you like something and if that something suits you, then I don’t see a problem on why you can’t wear it!

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