10 Wardrobe Essentials for All Curvy Women

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It is often said that wearing clothes as per the body type makes you love your own body. Having a curvaceous body is nothing less than a blessing because there are some dressing patterns which look flattering only on curvy girls. You can flaunt your curves gracefully if you acquire some outfit essentials in your wardrobe. Here is a list of the clothing items all girls with a curvaceous body should keep in their closet.

curvy women style

1. The snuggly coat with leather details – if you have curves, then you shall need a snuggly coat to cuddle up your curves promptly. A long coat in any pastel shade will be a great choice if it has some leather detailing near the hemlines. Neutral colors will also work for this style, if you feel comfortable in neutral shades; though color does not matter but the style has to be defining.

plaid shirt

2. Cool and casual flannel shirt/plaid shirt – flannel shirt style can never go wrong. This is the reason why we love flannel shirts. Not to get confused, flannel is the fabric and plaid is the check color block pattern. So you can call them plaid or flannel whatever you like.

3. Relaxing turtle neck sweater – if you do not acquire a turtle neck sweater/cardigan, you are probably missing something essential in your closet. You can easily carry a turtleneck either as a formal wear or as casual wear.

4. Dandy denim lounge pant – comfy apparels in the denim fabric can create magic if you style them right. A denim longue pant is the perfect example of this saying. You can wear a comfy lounge pant in your way with a whiff of chic fashion.

10 Wardrobe Essentials for All Curvy Women

5. Chic color block dress or a skirt – if you want to look impressive and flaunt your curvaceous body just by wearing an outfit, your search ends at color block dresses. Just look for some choices and amazing options will be there in your hands.

6. Astounding abstract dress – what else can be more exciting than this? A beautiful abstract patterned dress is going to be your friend if you have curves. Some patterns are especially made for curvy women. Avoid monochromatic prints and go for color block designs.

7. Sultry slit pencil skirt – pencil skirts, knee length dresses and midrib apparels highlight the bottom curves, so these are great options to look for your curvaceous figure. A pencil skirt with a slit is supposed to be apt because that slit can steal the attention, so you can stay relieved about your large bottom area.

8. Striped button-front shirt – there are some clothing patterns/prints which are especially designed as per various body types, so we have a wide range of choices to pick for the closet. A striped button-front shirt should be there in your wardrobe to accompany you while you are in a hurry to get ready.

9. Pleated midi skirt with some shimmer – pleats are picturesque and a hint of shimmer over pleats can perfectly beautify this zigzag pattern. As I have already mentioned that plains are not too nice for curvaceous body, pleated texture will help to cover the curves effortlessly. Thus, you have another choice for the party outfit in the form of pleated shimmery midi skirt.

denim jacket

10. Daring denim jacket – denim jackets are indeed one of the ‘must have items’ a girl should have in her closet. In fact, when it comes to jackets, there is nothing you would find better than denim and leather jackets. A plain white t-shirt and casual pant paired with a denim jacket is all enough to embrace those curves gracefully.

Love your body. It is certainly your attitude that defines your beauty.

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