10 Ways to Incorporate Green Tea in Diet without Drinking It

Green tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages and also a superfood, with hardly any studies negating its benefits. Being calorie-free, an outstanding source of antioxidants and having numerous other health benefits, including green tea in your everyday routine, particularly when you want to lose weight has become essential. If you are not a fan of sipping plain green tea, here are some tasty ways to add this super food to your meal.

green tea drink

1. As Tea But A Tastier Version (Minus The Refined Sugar!)
• Throw in some mint leaves and cinnamon, pour some honey and squeeze in half a lemon into brewed green tea.
• Enjoy the warm concoction.
• Or make everything cold and enjoy an iced tea.

2. As a Smoothie (No Milk *Claps*)
• Combine cold brewed green tea with a banana, some spinach leaves, a few strawberries, yogurt, a few nuts that you like and blitzzzz it.
• Nutrition, here I come!

3. In Your Curries, Rice And Whatever Requires Water To Be Cooked
• Brew a large pot of green tea and use this water for all your cooking instead of plain water. Strike a balance so that others don’t know that you have used green tea in your cooking.
• Health and convenience in one.

4. As A Fizzy Drink (Bye Bye Coke)
• Combine cold brewed green tea with fresh juices like pomegranate, orange, pineapple, watermelon or just about anything you like.
• Add an ounce of soda. This is a great replacement for fizzy drinks.

green tea for weight loss

5. As Food
• Grind green tea leaves and add them while kneading the dough for your rotis or pancakes.
• There are so many recipes available now like green tea glazed salmon, green tea cheese cakes, breads, cookies and what not. Experiment!

6. Green Tea in Instant and Rolled Oats:
Rati Beauty diet programs has a lot of oats recipes and why not, they come packed with key vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B and folate. They also provide a range of different minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Oatmeal with its high fiber content keeps your tummy full for a longer period of time and you would not feel the need to snack often, which will help you avoid unwanted calories. There are some food items that make you want to eat more or make you feel hungry again shortly after finishing them, such food items are fattening. But oatmeal performs exactly opposite to it. In fact, studies have revealed that people who eat hot cooked oatmeal for breakfast feel fuller for longer and desire less food throughout the day. When you are cooking oats, adding green tea bags to the water is a great idea to add antioxidants to your oats. Green tea needs to be pure and unflavored so that the taste of the oats is not altered.

7. Matcha Green Tea Cookies:
Matcha green tea contains a higher amount of antioxidants than normal green tea. It neutralizes the effect of free radical damage, prevents premature ageing and preserves the youth and beauty of your skin. To make cookies, follow regular recipes, but do remember to add one tbsp of matcha green tea along with it to get cool green-colored cookies.

8. Green Tea Noodles:
Brew some green tea and if your noodle preparation needs water, add this instead.

9. Marinate Chicken with Brewed Green Tea:
When you are preparing marinate, add a little bit green tea water to give the recipe a boost of antioxidants.

10. Brewed Green Tea Leaves in Noodles:
Making a cheat meal this weekend? Along with the carrots, cabbage, and capsicum, also put in brewed green tea leaves for guilt-free cheat meal.

Do you have any other ways to include green tea in our daily routine? Please share 😀

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