10 Ways To Look Attractive Instantly

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Most of us do not get a chance to do full-coverage makeup on a daily basis and we don’t need that either. However, at times, surprises do come up and at those times, you need to get ready in a jiffy! In this post, I will tell you about 10 ways to look attractive instantly. You can do this even when you are carrying minimal products in the bag. Note down these tips, you can thank us later 😛

Ways To Look Attractive Instantly

1. Brush the Brow: Do not throw dried-up or used-up mascara tubes, in fact, save the applicator wand. You can carry the wand in your bag and brush your brows when you need to get ready fast. Brushing the brows gets them into a shape and give a good definition to the face. When you do not have time to fill in the brows, brushing it is an amazing option.

2. Use a white kajal: You may want your eyes to look big and bright after a long and tiring day. Applying a white or cream-colored liner on the waterline is a great way to do that. Such liners make eyes look wide open and attractive.

3. Dry Shampoo: Keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your everyday bag. The shampoo helps to give your hair a lift and volume. It gives you bouncy hair instantly and that definitely gives your look some glam factor.

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4. Change the Hair Parting: Here is another thing that you can do with your hair. Changing the hair parting, gives it a new style. It gives new definition to the face and definitely changes your entire look.

5. Red Lipstick: When everything fails, red lipsticks do the magic. Always carry your favorite red lipstick in your bag. Pick the right undertone and it will do the magic on you. A red lipstick brightens up the face and hides all imperfections. When you do not have time to conceal the acne scars and dark under eyes, this one comes to the rescue.

Red lips

6. Kajal: An Indian woman can look attractive using just kajal on the eyes. You can use kajal on the lash line, in the waterline and even to tight line the eye. You can even use colored liners. Applying the kajal on the upper lash line and smudging it with the ring finger is an amazing way to get mysterious, smoky eye in a minute.

7. Vaseline Glow: Rati’s Vaseline glow can definitely save your day, anytime. Carry a small pot of Vaseline in the bag. Use it to highlight your cheek and nose when you want an attractive glow. It looks natural and the highlight enhances your natural beauty perfectly.

Bright skin

8. Argan Oil: Carry a small lotion bottle in the bag and mix some argan oil in it. Working in an AC environment for long can make your skin dry and dull. Applying the lotion restores the moisture and gives it a glow.

9. Accessorize: Often we do not get time to dress up when in a hurry. Attractive accessories can be of great help at those times. Try keeping a statement piece in your bag. A ring or a earring is easier to carry. Try some design or color that is versatile and can be styled with anything you are wearing.

10. Smile: Well, this is the last and most important thing to do. Your day can be tiring and frustrating, but when you are getting ready, try not to be gloomy. A confident smile can be the best concealer for all your flaws. Keep your spirits high and the positive aura will make you look attractive, no matter what you are wearing.

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