10 Ways to Lose Weight in a Month to Fit into Your Old Dress



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We all have an old favorite dress that sits in our wardrobe quietly as we cannot put them on. Over time, we often gain weight and the dresses do not fit anymore. In this post, I will tell you about 10 amazing tips that will help you to go a size down and fit in your old dress again.

10 Ways to Lose Weight in a Month to Fit into Your Old Dress

1. Say No to Gluten

If you want to lose weight fast, the best thing to do is to cut out the gluten. Avoid eating breads, rotis, pastas and everything that contains flours. This will reduce your bloating and helps you to be slimmer. Try gluten detox for a month and you will enjoy seeing the results.

2. Eat Good Fat

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Eating healthy omega-3 fatty acid rich food helps you to lose fat fast as it boosts fat metabolism. Fish, shrimp, flax seed, canola oil are rich with omega 3 fatty acid. Try incorporating these in all your meals and it will definitely show results.

3. Add Almonds to your Diet

Almond is a high source of fiber that boosts metabolism and helps you to lose weight fast. It also keeps you full for longer. Have a few during breakfast and you won’t feel hungry till lunch.

4. Stop Eating fast Food

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Often our dresses do not fit as our tummy grows bigger. And, this often happens due to bloating. When you stop eating fast foods, this bloating goes away completely. The fast food often contains too much salt and trans fat that makes you look bloated. If you stop that, the bloating goes down and you will get flat belly within a month.

5. Ditch Milk Tea and Coffee

Adding milk to your coffee and tea just adds extra calories to them and takes away its stress busting properties. These drinks just disrupt your calorie count and prevent you from sticking to a strict diet. Start having green tea and black coffee instead to reduce the damage.

6. Have A Good Breakfast

Breakfast oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, chia seeds and almonds

Eating a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning is important to kick start the metabolism and keep you active all day long. It stops you from munching on unhealthy snacks and you eat less during the lunch too. Try to have a power packed breakfast with protein and good fat in the morning every day.

7. Eat Salads

Having a bowl of salad before lunch and dinner is very important if you want to lose weight. Try having raw leafy veggies and fruits in the salad. This will keep you full and stop you from overeating. It also helps in better digestion and prevents bloating.

8. Try Detox Drinks

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Detox drink like ginger water, lemon water and apple cider vinegar helps you to lose weight fast. You can try anyone form the various recipes available in our blog and you will be amazed to see the result within a month.

9. Lose Targeted Fat

Your dress may not fit if your tummy is bloated or your arm is too flabby. Know the area that needs attention and work on that. You will get exercise lists for toned arms, flat abs and slimmer waist in IMBB. Try them and you will see visible result within a very short time.

10. Download Calorie Measuring App

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It is very important to keep track of the amount of calorie that you intake every day. An app can help you to keep track of the calorie that you take in everyday and create a balance in the meal. If you nearly complete the calorie count before dinner, try to finish the day with a low calorie dinner. This will also help you to restrain from eating a lot and helps you to get back in shape faster.

Along with all these, bring out your favorite dress once a day and try to imagine how fabulous it will look on you. Once you start feeling determined about it, weight loss becomes a lot easier.

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