10 Ways to Add Jazz to All Black Outfits

By Chanchala Bose

Hello IMBBians!
Many of you might think that wearing an all black outfit can be boring and out-of-fashion. But, let me tell you something: black colour is perfect to hide our body fat. So, if you want to look slimmer, then black is your perfect colour. But, before donning an all black outfit, you should be aware about some styling tips, otherwise your outfit might look out of place.
10 Tips to Add Jazz to Your All Black Outfits

1. Statement necklace

A statement necklace is such an exquisite piece. It brings the best out of an outfit or of your personality. Wear a multi-layered neckpiece or try a long necklace with your all black outfits. Such necklaces will make you look well put together.

2. A statement handbag

edgy bag
Have you ever thought of pairing your all black outfit with a colourful bag? You can also try to carry a single colored contrast handbag. Go for a funky bag with quotes or quirky designs.

3. A headband

Yes, headbands can also go wonderfully with an all black outfit. You can try a simple floral one or you can also try the contrast ones. Try headbands in neon colours. They look quite attractive and chic too.

4. Footwear

neon footwear
Have you ever thought of wearing a sexy high heels with your all black outfit? Imagine yourself wearing neon colored footwears with your all black outfit. This will emphasize and add a stylish edge to your overall look.

5. Statement finger ring

This is another statement piece to glam up your all black outfits. People who are not comfortable with heavy jewellery, can opt for this look. Wear a simple but edgy statement ring on any of your fingers and trust me you are sure to turn heads with your complete black outfit.

6. Nose ring

stylish nose ring
Nose accessories go fabulous with a single coloured or monochrome outfit. And with an all black outfits, you should go for a statement or big nose ring. But wear a nose ring only if you are comfortable with it. Else, you might end up looking clumsy.

7. Red lipsticks

Every makeup addict and fashionista lovers red lipsticks. A deep red lipstick will go with your all black outfits. Perfect lipstick options for such lipsticks are MAC Ruby Woo and L’Oreal Pure Garnet.

8. Smokey eyes

smokey eyes
Another perfect makeup trend to opt for with your all black outfits! The smokey eyes are also black, but they intensify your makeup and give you a really sultry and sexy look.

9. Hairstyle

This is another method to amplify your look. You can sport any chic hair trend in this case. You can go with the fishtail braid or any other fancy braid. Or you can rock a simple everyday bun too.

10. Traditional touch

ethnic jewellery with western wear
This is the perfect way to make your all black outfit look edgy. And, don’t think that ethnic accessories go with only traditional wear, they complement western wear well too. Grab a pair of big silver jhumkis, a big bindi or any dark colour, and see the magic.

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