10 Ways to Keep Excess Weight at Bay After Marriage

Hi ladies,
Some of you might be getting married in the next few months and might be hitting gym on a regular basis for your marriage! In today’s post I will talk about some tips which will help you to keep away that weight gain after marriage.

How to keep excess weight at bay after marriage


1. Working out is a must:

How to keep excess weight at bay after marriage

You worked hard on your body to fit into your dream bridal attire and just because you got married, it doesn’t give you the excuse for not working out. No matter how busy you are try to take at least half an hour daily for some form of workout.

2. Work out together:

Well you have got a partner for life and you can definitely make him your partner for workouts too. This could be a great bonding time for both of you. You both can go for morning runs together or you can sign up for gym classes together.

3. Cook healthy:

How to keep excess weight at bay after marriage

There may be lot of partying involved as you are a newly-wed which means lots of greasy and processed food! Whenever you are at home make sure to cook yourself and your partner a healthy, nutritious and low calorie meal that you both can enjoy together.

4. Stock healthy and wise:

Keep your fridge properly stocked with healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, all the time. It will really help to keep you away from all the junk food, as you will always be reaching out to healthier versions of food items. This practice especially helps if both of you are working and are pressed for time always.

5. Plan out couple activities:

If you are not a gym person, then why not sign up for a fun dance class? You will learn a step or two while keeping those extra inches off your tummy.

6. Motivate each other:


Be a motivating factor to each other and push each other to work out harder. One of you may be a fitness fanatic while the other could be a couch potato! Try to strike a balance and work out a system that works for both of you.

7. Have early dinner:

When you are having your dinner at night, then it most certainly means that you munched on various unhealthy snacks between your lunch and dinner time. The best way to avoid the unhealthy cravings is to have an early dinner. You can always have a fruits or two whenever you feel hungry.

8. Watch Your Alcohol Intake:

It is very easy to get carried away with few drinks every now and then when you are married. If you don’t pile up of too many calories, try to avoid alcohol or restrict it to once a week.

9. Avoid eating out too often:

I know this is unavoidable, as you both have so many invites as a newly-wed but eating out too often can be really bad for your waistline. If you can’t avoid that then try to detoxify your system by drinking Detox teas and juices which will help to keep your metabolism going.

10. Look out for healthier options:

If you are craving for chocolates, then have dark chocolates instead of the usual ones! If you want something nice to drink then instead of going for aerated drinks make yourself a smoothie! Try to swap your usual food for better and healthier options.

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