10 Ways to Look Flattering in Figure-Hugging Dresses

As much as we love our heavy sarees and anarkalis, we love our miniskirts and dresses too. And, in terms of western wear, there are some things which you need to have in your wardrobe. When it comes to western dresses, most of us stay away from them. A little paunch or heavy thighs keep us from wearing western dresses. But there are certain styling hacks through which you can wear these dresses with ease whether you are skinny or not. Take a look!
10 Ways to Wear Figure-Hugging Dresses if You are Not Skinny

1. Focus on the upper body more

When you are wearing figure-hugging dresses, try to shift your focus on the upper section of your body. Wear a deep neck dress which will give a peek a boo of your cleavage. You can also go for statement neckpieces too. This way, the focus won’t go on your problem areas.

2. Go for darker colours

bottle green dress
The most basic rule of fashion is to wear solid dark coloured clothes. They give you an extra coverage to hide those flabs and flaws.

3. Cinch the waistline

You should attract the focus to your waistline. By waistline, I mean on the thinnest portion of your waist. Try to tie it up with a loose belt. Not only will it give a casual look but also will cinch your waist and make it look flattering.

4. Invest in shapewear

Shapewear not only bring out and enhance the shape of your body but also hide away extra flabs. Thus, try to buy a premium shapewear and go for good padded bras, tummy tuckers, thigh reducers etc.

5. Add an extra layer

kim k fashion
This is the time when you need to add an extra layer. Try to add a long or a short shrug to your fitted dress. A good denim jacket is also helpful. Not only will this hide your flaws but also will add an edgy look.

6. Measure the length

Yes, length is another critical factor that you must consider before buying a body con dress or other tight fitted clothes. Most of us love to flaunt short dresses but to hide those heavy thighs and hips, opt for longer dresses.

7. Go for thick fabrics

Thick fabric is your best bet when you want to wear body hugging clothes. Such fabrics don’t stick to your body fat and thus, the shape of your body looks more toned and flattering.

8. Show off your best feature

jennifer lopez
Try to draw attention towards your best feature. By best feature, I mean the best body feature. You can go for either long sleeves or high neckline or deep cleavage. Just try to show off your best assets.

9. Minimize

curvy woman dress
Your objective is to not overdress yourself. Accessorizing doesn’t mean over dressing yourself. Go for dainty pieces instead of chunky ones to look your best.

10. Bump is healthy

If you just have a tiny amount of tummy fat (that looks like a bump), then don’t shy away. Embrace what you have and give tight clothes a shot.

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One thought on “10 Ways to Look Flattering in Figure-Hugging Dresses

  1. I am skinny and figure hugging dresses make me look like aaarrghhh..!!
    I wouldn’t mind gaining some weight and use these tips then because all of them are awesome Chanchala 🙂

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