10 Ways to Look Super Flirty and Seductive without Trying too Hard

By Pallavi Mahendra

This is my third post and I’ve been writing from the past three consecutive days. I guess it would be right to say now that I’m getting addicted to sharing fashion tips with you all. 😀 Anyway, so tell me ladies how often do you get compliments like “You’re looking so sweet!” or “Aww! That dress is so cute.”, and you’ve secretly thought to yourself that when people see you, you want them to go ‘ooh’ rather than ‘awww’?! We’ve all been here at least once. Here I’m going to be sharing some tips with you on how to rendezvous people and be in the limelight, without trying too hard.

10 Ways to Look Super Flirty and Seductive without Trying Too Hard

1. Wear an LBD – Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with an LBD for dates or parties. It always seems appealing especially when paired with accessories such as bracelets and clutch. Black color makes you looks slimmer and brightens up your face.

2. Flaunt those high heels

gorgeous high heels

This is one of the quickest ways to look sexier. Right pair of heels can not only make your clothes hang better but also lengthen your legs especially if they are the color of your skin.

3. Wear the color RED

Everyone stops at the red traffic light, it’s a color which makes everyone stop! Women appear more attractive to men when women don red clothes, accessories and makeup.

4. Play up your best features

When it comes to our looks, there’s always a certain feature we adore the most. Since I find my lips the most appealing part of my face, I make sure to always apply lipstick. Got great legs? Swap those boyfriend jeans with a mini skirt. Got beautiful eyes? Make them pop with mascara and liner.

beautiful hair

5. Maintain great hairstyles

Your hair should always be on point. Never go out with greasy, oily hair. Don’t just let your hair fall on your face all the time. EXPERIMENT! A few great styles include straightening, curling, crimping, a bun, beach-like waves, a fishtail braid, a ponytail, or a messy bun. Go to that stylist whose work you have always loved and get a hair makeover.

6. Accessorize

Ladies! We have been told this time and again – the importance of accessories. Even the most basic t-shirt and pair of denims can stand out with a couple of bracelets and a sling bag. Look for earrings, necklaces, bangles, that can go with anything and everything. You can dress casually as long as you appear as though you have put in efforts.

clothes as per body type

7. Know your body type

Have you ever seen a “healthy” girl wear body hugging clothes and thought that she could have gotten one size bigger dress? Then you know what I’m talking about. Say if you’re short in height like me, don’t wear low waist denims rather go for high rise jeans, they will make you appear taller.

8. Decent but stylish clothes

In order to look seductive, you need to look intriguing and mysterious. Wearing a lacey dress leaves the rest up to imagination. Don’t wear clothes that reveal too much. Whether you’re showing your sculpted arms or just a bit of cleavage, you’ll be on your way to being hot.

9. Maintain a good posture

good posture

Stand up straight, look happy, and comfortable in your skin. If you learn to  love your own self, others will automatically get attracted towards you. Walk like a diva and smile from time to time. So DON’T SLOUCH ladies or you won’t look confident.

10. Some Must-haves

Make sure you incorporate a pair of nude heels, a tan bag, white t-shirt, boyfriend jeans, red lipstick, black sling, white sneakers, bracelets and a seductive fragrance to give that spark to your casual outfits. Trust me ladies! You need to get your hands on these items. It’ll be worth every penny since you’ll be able to pair them with almost everything.

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