10 Ways to Lose Weight while Sitting

By Chanchala Bose

Hello IMBBians,

Losing weight and staying in shape is everyone’s dream. But, owing to the busy and hectic schedule, staying in shape is not an easy job. And we all know that visiting the gym every day is not an easy task for lazy bums like me. Many offices have come up with a gym at workplace but even that is not possible for each one of us. So, what to do? I have come up with some amazing ways through which you can lose weight even while doing your regular desk job. Take a look!

10 Ways to Lose Weight while Sitting

1. Say goodbye to your old office chair

stability ball to lose weight

Ergonomic office chairs contribute to increased productivity. But they also make you lazy and stick to the office chair. Such chairs also add to your back issues. So, at least for half an hour, replace your office chair with a stability ball. It will not only strengthen your back muscles but also keep your core engaged.

2. Keep office temperature low

There is no scientific evidence, but many medical experts have claimed that when your room temperature is low, the body starts sucking the fat out of the body to fuel its energy.

3. Drink a lot of water

drinking water to lose weight

We all know that drinking water increases your metabolism and aids digestion. Also, drinking lots of water will help you flush out toxins easily.

4. Never refuse a walk break

People tend to get overweight in offices just because they’re sitting all day long at their desks. So, it’s better to get a walk for 10-15 minutes after few hours to keep your body moving and active.

5. Laugh more and more

Laughing can tighten your facial muscles and tone your neck too. Your laughter also releases happy hormones in your body which prevents depression, one of the main reasons why people overeat.

6. Keep tapping your legs

Put on your headphones and play your favorite song. Now, start tapping your legs and do some steps. This way, you’ll keep your core and legs engaged.

7. Arm circles

stretching at desk job

Arm circles are very good for toning and slimming down your arms. Try to do at least 10-15 arm circles every day. You will start seeing results in a month.

8. Leg circles

Lower legs are enclosed under your desk. So, don’t forget to go for some leg circles too. Try at least 20-25 leg circles every day. This will help in toning your thighs and leg muscles.

9. Snack smartly

healthy snack ideas for office

We should understand that losing weight while sitting is not that easy. Even if you’re doing all the above-mentioned things, you’ll not lose weight until you start controlling your diet. So eat healthy and homemade food for lunch and go for healthy and light snacks instead of junk food.

10. Some weight lifting

Lift some of your office files or other heavy files in both your hands and raise your hands up and down. Your colleagues might make fun of you, but remember that you’re doing this for your own health.

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