10 Ways To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

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A flawless pout is all we need sometimes to have a happy day! Here are some tips and tricks that will help to make your lipstick last longer.

how to make lipstick last

1. Get Healthy Lips:

Lips don’t have any oil-producing glands to form a protective barrier against sun and wind damage. We all know lipsticks don’t adhere well to dry and chapped lips. So start taking care of your lips like your face and other parts of your body.

2:  Use lip balms:

Use a lightweight and hydrating lip balm that has SPF in day time. You can go for a lip balm without sunscreen before going to bed. Just wipe your lips with a wash cloth to remove excess balm. This mild exfoliation creates a smooth surface for a neater lipstick application. Also, try to avoid menthol and camphor in your lip balms as they only provide temporary cooling sensation and dry out the lips.

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3. Start with Bare Lips:

We tend to use lip balms underneath our lipsticks which compromise with the staying power of lipsticks. If you have really dry lips, then apply a heavy lip balm while you start applying makeup. Remove it completely with blotting paper before applying lipstick for a perfect application.

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4. Try a Lip Primer:

We all know what primers do! Lip primers extend the life of a lipstick application, prevent feathering and keep color in place for hours. So, if you feel that no brand of lipstick stays on your lips for longer intervals, then there is no harm in trying a lip primer.

5. Use foundation:

If you don’t want to invest in a lip primer, then your foundation can also help you to achieve a flawless pout. Like a lip primer, foundation creates a smoother surface for lipstick. Just apply a thin layer of foundation to the lips and blot to remove excess oil. This trick only works well for highly pigmented and opaque shades as shades may turn muddy or pale as they combine with the foundation.

6.  Use Lip Pencil the Right Way:

Using a lip pencil before applying lipstick intensifies color and increases its staying power. You need to start at the centre of the lower lip and lightly fill in the entire surface. Repeat the process with the top lip. Starting in the middle of the lips instead of on the edges ensures that the most intense color will be near the centre of the mouth.

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7.  Choose a Long-Lasting Lipstick Formula:

Long-lasting formulas contain additional pigment and fewer emollient ingredients, so they take longer to wear away than their creamier counterparts. Long lasting formulas generally also contain silicone that forms a protective layer on lips as silicone does not mix with the oils in foods and on skin.

8.  Blot and Re-Apply Lip Color:

Blotting removes excess oils and emollients from the first layer of lipstick, so after applying lipstick, blot it with a tissue and apply a new layer. Adding a second layer of lipstick increases the pigment which ensures the lipstick longevity.

9.  Use Gloss Sparingly:

Glosses are low on pigment; they dilute color when layered over lipstick, so if you are looking to increase the life span of your lipstick use gloss as less as possible. Apply gloss only where it will catch the light like applying a a dot of gloss to the centre of the lower lip instead of slicking gloss on the entire lip surface.

10. Set with Powder:

You can always set your lipstick with a lightweight translucent powder that will help keep the color in place for longer hours.

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