10 Ways To Make Your Relationship Work

At times our relationship get tangled up in the web of complications. It is not something unnatural and it happens with everyone. The future of our relationship depends on how well we handle those complications. Though, there is not any formula to deal with human emotions, but if you ponder upon certain things then it might make your journey with your partner easy and enjoyable. Based on my understanding of relationships, here are the 10 ways to make your relationship work.

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Other than ‘we’ time, give ‘me’ time to each other. Give them reasonable amount of space to grow as an individual. You might not understand your partner’s interest but do not interfere, if he likes it. So, next time when your partner is busy surfing news or sports channel then why not bury your head on IMBB to create your makeup list for shopping? 😉


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The base of any good relationship is friendship. If you can be weird in front of your partner then you know that your relationship is on right path. It is important that you feel comfortable in each other’s company and that comes from friendship. If you become best friends then it will become easy for you to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. Relationships become less complicated, if you find a true friend in your partner.


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Communicating with your partner on anything and everything is very important. Communication can burn the bridge of misunderstandings. Using the right word and the right tone is a crucial element to make your message understandable to your partner. Do not keep your thoughts inside you. He might not know or understand your problems or feelings, until you communicate with him.

Mutual Respect:
Respect each other. Do not treat your partner badly or humiliate him in front of the family and friends. This not only kills the relationship, but also his love for you. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Never ever feed lies to your partner. Do not lose your self respect, by losing his trust for you. A relationship built on lies is capable enough to shake and break it.

Treat each other’s family well. Most of the times, the problem arise between couples because of family issues. It is a very tricky and sensitive situation and needs to be handled very careful. Treat each other’s family equally or else do not expect your partner to treat your family well. It can mess your relation real bad, so tread on it carefully.

We girls love talking, but it is not a wise thing to do it always. You should also play the role of a listener. Listen what your partner has to say about his life, job, family and interests. Ask questions to motivate him to speak. Let him know that you are interested to know about him and his life. This will give him the assurance that he is not alone and will make your relationship stronger.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words:

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Doing even small things for your partner is always better than saying ‘love you’, thousand times a day. Words are useless. Show your love through your action. Help him in his work or cook together sometime. Do something to bring smile on his face. Small gesture of love can really make a big difference in your relationship.

Taken For Granted:
Never ever take your partner for granted. Know his importance and value him, while he is with you. Say ‘thank you’ often to let him know that you value his work and his love for you.

Kind Words:
Always use kind words while talking with each other. Also, appreciate each other in front of friends and family. Do not say anything negative about your relationship in front of others. Kind words are powerful enough to even heal the old wounds. Use kind words when your partner does any mistake. If you use kind words while your partner is angry at you, then his anger will eventually die and you will save both yourselves from that ugly fight.

Finally, love is what keeps your relationship going. If your relationship has love then no matter how ugly situations become, it will eventually work out in your favor. Remember that unconditional love can conquer the world. Hope you find these tips useful and if you want to add more, please feel free to share with us.

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  1. Been loving these articles by you Shainee. It is very important you give each other some space, no matter how close you are. Also, no relationship can survive without mutual respect.

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