10 Ways to Style Your Saree for Maximum Glam

I am back with yet another interesting post. We all have to wear sarees at different occasions. Be it college farewell, engagement parties, family gatherings or marriages, we love our desi avatar. Earlier, heavy sarees used to rule the fashion scene, but now the preferences of women have changed a lot. Instead of going for super heavy and embroidered sarees, women prefer to go for light and flowy basic sarees and then glam up the look. So here are some ways through which you can also glam up your sarees without much efforts and without looking OTT.


1. Designer blouse

designer blouse
You can wear a simple plain saree and glam it up with a really pretty designer blouse. These days you get multiple options in terms of readymade blouses; be it the sequined ones or the multi coloured ones. And, once you pair these two together, you will look nothing short of a Bollywood diva.

2. Earrings

stylish earrings with saree
Simple glam earrings can really add jazz to your saree look. Even if you are buying a simple only saree, you can go for heavy earrings can rock the outfit.

3. Maangtika

maang tika
Indians have so many accessories to glam up any outfit. Maangtika is the perfect head accessory especially for the ones who are going light in terms of hairstyle. Adding a maangtika makes your entire look very traditional.

10 Ways to Style Your Basic Saree for Maximum Glam

4. Neckpiece

necklace with saree
If you are wearing a really plain and light saree you can add a heavy neckpiece to it. This will instantly draw attention to your outfit making it look all chic and perfect. You can choose the neckpiece depending on the colour of your border.

5. Bangles

You can wear golden, silver or multi coloured bangles with your saree. You can go the traditional way by wearing bangles in both your arms. Or, try the modern way of wearing too many bangles in just one hand.

6. Finger rings

cocktail ring
A big cocktail ring is always in fashion. They are available in different colours and sizes. I suggest you go with a big one with the colour matching either your blouse or your saree’s border.

7. Bindi

This is my favourite part. If you are wearing a really light saree and don’t want to go all heavy you can just wear a simple bindi on your forehead. And, trust me, you will look very pretty.

8. Footwear

deepika padukone saree
Saree deserves a good pair of heels. Whether you are tall or not, a good pair of heels is a must. And you can get a number of options these days. Go for a pair of stylish but comfortable heels.

9. Trendy bags

clutch with saree
Have you ever noticed the little ornamental bags or clutches that come with the saree? If you are comfortable pairing them with your saree then you can go for such bags too. They come in different colours and patterns and you can easily make your choice.

10. Saree pattern

saree gown
In order to glam up your saree, you can also try different styles of wearing a saree. You can go with the normal one or Bengali style or even the gujju one. Apart from this, choose from various modern saree designs.

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