10 Ways to Wake Up Looking Absolutely Gorgeous

By Shreya Chopra

Today, we are going to tell you about 10 secrets that will help you wake up in the morning looking absolutely gorgeous. When we sleep our body also takes rest and circulates the important nutrients to the body via blood. Here are 10 secrets ways that can help you to wake up absolutely gorgeous from head to toe.

1. Avoid Frizzy Hair: You wear your hair long and you always fear of damaging it. It’s true that turning over during night will cause friction, which will lead to split ends and frizzy hair. The simple fix is to switch over to satin pillow covers or cover your head with a satin scarf before sleeping. This will let your hair glide smoothly during sleep without damaging it.
2. Get Wavy and Bouncy Hair: Making a hairstyle could take it’s time. Before sleeping all you have to do is tie your hair in a bun and spray some water mixed with your favorite serum in the ratio 3:1 (water:serum) on the bun. Open the bun in the morning and enjoy your natural without any heat curler.
3. For Glowing Skin: Waking up with soft, glowing, beautiful skin is be a dream for all. But now, it’s very easy because of Vitamin E oil. All you have to do is just massage your skin with vitamin E oil or olive oil. This will give you soft, glowing skin naturally.
4. Thick, Long Lashes: Everyone wants to have beautiful long thick lashes. Applying castor oil to upper and lower lash line before bed is the natural solution of getting beautiful lashes.

5. Get Rid of Puffy Eyes: Before you get to bed in the night, take two metallic spoons, dip them in a glass of water and then place them in a refrigerator. When you wake up in the morning, take your frozen spoons and lay down as you place them against your eyes with the convex sides touching your skin around the eyes. The cold will remove the puffiness and making your skin to relaxed and ready for the makeup.

6. Kissable Lips: Got irritated with dry, chapped, cracked lips? Don’t worry. Almond oil is the solution. Apply almond oil on your lips before going to bed, would give beautiful, soft lips in the morning.
7. Start by exfoliating hand with homemade scrub (brown sugar + olive oil). After exfoliating, apply few drops of vitamin E oil on the hands. This will give soft, beautiful hands in the morning.
8. Soft Cuticles: Simplify the task of softening the cuticles by rubbing some coconut oil before sleep. This will not only soften the cuticles, but it will strengthen the nails too.
9. Smooth Feet: Now, we have beautiful, soft hands then how can we forget to have smooth feet? To get rid of dry, cracked feet. Slather on Vaseline or any thick moisturizer on your feet and wear cotton socks, before you go to sleep. This will ensure that the moisturizer sticks to your skin and penetrates easily.
10. Avoid Pimples: Pimples can be very annoying for every beauty out there. The simple way to get rid of pimples is by dabbing a little toothpaste on pimple before bed. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning to make your breakouts less visible. Make sure to use paste not gel.

So, these were 10 secrets ways with which you can make every part of your body absolutely gorgeous overnight. Try these tips girls, these work 🙂

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