10 Weight Loss Tips by Kim Kardashian

By Chanchala Bose

Weight loss, is a major and most discussed topic among everyone. People tend to draw inspiration from a number of factors. And star fitness is one of the major sources of inspiration at least in India. There are number of celebrities who were really chubby and overweight before they entered Bollywood but lately they all became slim and trim. And one of these most sought after and searched celebrity, as per the Google is Kim Kardashian. She has an amazingly sexy body. And she does work hard, to keep it in shape. And do you know even her fitness tips are equally crazy and bizarre as she is. Everyone was shocked, when she lost 60 pounds post her last pregnancy, so of course she is doing something right and we need to learn from her. So, let’s have a look at some of the most common weight loss tips right from Kim Kardashian’s gym;

Kim Kadarshian Weight loss Tips

1. Set an achievable weight loss goal with a time limit:

First of all, don’t be dreamy or over pressurize yourself with the weight loss. You can’t be 80 Kg a month and 60 Kg the next month. It’s unhealthy. So, better set an achievable and realistic weight loss goal with a time limit, is a “MUST” factor attached to it.

2. Visit gym everyday:

Kim Kadarshian Weight loss Tips

This is the first and foremost step for weight loss. You need to visit the gym every day. You can’t look for a good weight loss in home. And you must understand that weight loss can be done at home, but body toning can be done only in gym. And toning, is very much required as compared to the weight loss for a long term solution.

3. Continue with a diet plan for a year before switching:

You should not immediately jump and switch diet plans. They take time to work and show the effect. So, give it a year time because post that, your body will stop reacting to a particular diet plan.

4. Count calories:

If you are serious about weight loss, then you have to do this. Kim does not consume more than 1800 calories a day. So, look for a calorie chart as per your body weight, height and age and then keep a close track on your calories.

5. Detox tea:

Kim Kadarshian Weight loss Tips

Do you know the lady drinks 12 cups of detox ? I know it’s crazy, but that’s the truth. We all tend to complain that detox tea doesn’t work. It works only when you drink it in good amount, accompanied with good diet plan and strict exercise regimen.

6. Begin with protein shakes:

Kim Kadarshian Weight loss Tips

Protein shakes, are a wonderful way to begin your day. It keeps you energized and also keep a check on your cravings and thus you proceed towards a healthy day. It’s best to begin with a protein shake of your choice.

7. Don’t switch exercises:

It seems that Kim is strictly against much changes. She loves to stick to a proper routine and that seems to work for her wonderfully. So, don’t change your exercise regimen, as per you’re eating habits or anything else. Stick to an exercise routine at least 6 months or so before you give them a change.

8. Control your cravings with a protein bar:

Kim Kadarshian Weight loss Tips

There are times post lunch, when you can feel cravings. So, what does Kim do to control those cravings, hop on a packaged protein bar and this will give you something to eat and keep you full for long time.

9. Concentrate on toning:

This is straight from Kim’s heart. She believes, that toning will take you a step further than weight loss. And for this concentrate on muscle gain, weight lifting and all.

10. Motivate yourself:

Last but not the least, motivate yourself to workout. Attach your emotions to the daily workout. Then only you can continue for long.

So, that was all about Kim Kardashian weight loss tips. Pick your favorite tips out of it and start your journey to get an envious figure just like her.

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