11 Amazing Ways to Perfectly Colour Hair at Home

Do you want to cut on the salon trips and dye your hair at home? Have you ever stood in front of the mirror with a box of hair dye in hand and thought to yourself, ‘What have I done!’ Worry not, because here a few tips to achieve a flawless hair dye at home, be it to hide your greys or to achieve a new look.

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1. Know your natural hair colour and work accordingly

Avoid this mistake. Your natural hair colour will determine where to start from. Overnight drastic hair colour changes can go horribly wrong. The trick is to go one to two shades lighter or darker at a time. For covering greys, use permanent dyes, but to brighten your shade or add a new tint, opt for sheer colours.

2. Pick the right formula

If you are blessed with curls, opt for gel or liquid formulas, because they provide full coverage and distribute efficiently through your tricky locks. If you have extremely sensitive skin, go for foam-like formulas as the dye won’t drip onto your face.

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3. Do the strand test

If you are trying a shade for the first time, always remember to test it on trimmed strands or strands that are hidden from view. This way, you will get a better idea of the outcome. If you are trying a product or brand that you haven’t tried before, test it for any allergic reactions by putting a little amount behind your ears.

4. Wash your hair 24-48 hours before applying dye

This will allow the dye to bind more easily. Try to avoid conditioner, the day before you dye. This lets the dye set more easily. If you have extremely dry tresses, go for deep conditioning and turban therapy in the weeks that precede. And then skip conditioner the day before you dye your hair.

5. Do not skip protection

Always wear an old button-down shirt so that you do not have to lift it up over your head when it is time to rinse. You can drape an additional coloured cape or towel around your shoulders. Also cover any surfaces that may get stained, like chairs, floor etc.

6. Part your hair well

To achieve proper and full coverage, it is necessary to section your strands well. Divide the hair into even quadrants and secure with clips. Brushing through your hair will also ensure that any tangles are avoided along with ensuring even distribution. Work in sections and sub-sections for best results.

7. Protect your ears, neck and hairline

Using a shower cap surely helps. But just to be extra protected, coat your ears, neck and hairline with petroleum jelly or lip balm. Also keep wet wipes in hand to manage spills.

8. To apply the dye

Always use a mixing bowl to mix the dye and a painting brush for precise application. For highlights, use a clean toothbrush. Make sure to wear a pair of gloves when you are applying the dye. Application should be started from the top. You may want to keep your roots darker. This is especially recommended for virgin hair. In that case, begin application from about 1-inch from the roots.

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9. Set a timer

Follow the instructions given on the box. Never wash your hair before minimum time and never keep the dye past maximum time. If you are covering greys, keep the dye for the maximum time instructed. Many women commit the mistake of keeping the overnight. Never do this. It will only dry out your hair and may even cause skin irritation. After the time is up, rinse your hair with water in the shower or in the sink. Then use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

10. Managing mistakes

If you feel the colour went too bright, you can always fade it. Mix one-part shampoo with one-part powder bleach (that comes with the highlighting kit). You can also use a lemon for the same. Be careful that you do not make it too light in turn.

11. Post colour care

Clarifying and dandruff fighting shampoos can strip off hair colour because of the presence of sulphates and harsh chemicals. Hence, it is always recommended to go for colour protecting products. Occasionally, you can go for hair gloss treatment. Creamy glosses revive colour and enhance shine.

Hope this helped. Stay beautiful!

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