11 Bad Habits You Need To Quit Now

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“First we form habits; then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” – Robert Gilbert
Bad habits are hard to get rid of. They come in many forms ranging from food habits, relationship habits, makeup habits or even merely lifestyle habits. Let’s find out which are they and how harmful they can be?

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Some of us shop like there is no tomorrow. For girls like us, shopping is such a stress buster. But looking at the shopping bills after a few days time can give you stress for sure. Who doesn’t like to shop but when you are out shopping you need to know about the difference between need, want and desire and then buy. Although splurging once in a while is ok but definitely not twice a week.

Getting sunburned a lot of times in 1 summer:

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Sunscreens are a must have for a girl who likes that tanned looking skin and will spend hours under the sun just to get that golden-bronze tan. But harmful UVA-UVB rays are actually dangerous for our skin. Sunbathing destroys the elastic fibres that keep skin looking firm and smooth which leads to wrinkles, premature aging, discolorations, uneven skin tone or even skin cancer. So you need to ask yourself a question- Is my sunscreen strong enough?

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and also the most important. Skipping breakfast repeatedly can have consequences like weight gain, lower energy levels, metabolism levels, lethargy, spiking blood sugar levels and what not. So make it a habit of having your breakfast daily without any skipping.

Overusing pain killers and sedatives

When you feel the need to pop a pill every time you get a light headache, cramps, upset tummy, you can’t sleep then there is a problem. It might indicate that you have made your body habitual of these medicines. Pain killers and sedatives can make our body addictive of them. Have them but in moderation.

Being in an unhealthy relationship

An unhealthy relationship in which you are constantly unhappy, unsatisfied and constantly stressed can do your mind and body a lot of harm. If you think after a few years things will change between you and your partner and you will be happy then you can’t be more wrong. If he the reason of your forever sadness but will make him change after a few years?

Nail biting

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People who bite their nails tend to have shorter nails than the average person ad this habit is actually very unhygienic. Some of us can’t help but bite our nails. This habit can lead to various dental problems, stomach issues and not to mention not so flattering nails. If you feel the need to bite your nails then try to distract your mind by going to running, listening to music or the stuff that you like.

Snacking, even if not hungry
If we snack constantly on unhealthy things then after some time our body stops sending hunger signals and we end up eating more and more. If you think you have a habit of binge eating then you need to act upon it. stock your refrigerator full of healthy fruits and veggies and have them whenever you are hungry instead of eating junk food.

Sleeping with Makeup on

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We all know this, sleeping with our makeup on can be really damaging for our skin. No matter how tired you are never sleep with your makeup on. If you think you are too lazy then at least use make up remover wipes to remove the makeup off your face.

Wearing heels all the time

No matter how much we love our high heels, they are really damaging for our body. They can affect your posture, put pressure on joints and can also cause severe back pain, arthritis or tendon injuries. So wear your heels but don’t go overboard.

Watching too much TV

If the idea of spending hours in front of TV is more appealing to you than a half an hour walk in the park then my dear you are in trouble. Being a couch potato can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes and too much TV is also harmful for your vision too.

Being with people who don’t appreciate you
If you are trying to please the people around you all the time and they still don’t appreciate for the efforts that you put in then what is the point. Surrounding yourself with happy and positive people can have great effect on your productivity and happiness.

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