11 Beauty Trends from 90s You Would Never Want to Try Again

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There is a very popular saying – ‘old is gold’ which implicates that some old things have their own charm which makes such things special. Maybe this is the reason why we adore some beauty ethics that belong to previous eras. On the contrary, there exist some beauty trends that failed to create a mark among fashion lovers. In this post, we shall learn about some beauty trends from the decade of 90s that we would never like to try again.
11 Beauty Trends from 90s You Would Never Want to Try Again

1. Thin eyebrows

If we take a look over the eyebrow trend during recent years, it is noticeable that the trend of thin eyebrows is not new. Though, it was popular during 60s and 70s but came in the limelight during late 90s. As of now, we have far better option like brow filling, eyebrow tattoo and brushed up brows; no one is keen to try thin brows anymore.

2. Fountain ponytail

fountain ponytail
Fountain ponytails used to look amazing and I wonder how beautifully girls used to carry a fluffy fountain pony on outings, parties and even workplaces. Especially that half fountain pony was an epic trend indeed. But, this hairdo will seem dull in front of classic braid hairdos. Thus, we do not really want this trend to come back.

3. Spiny hair up-do

Imagine, how does it feel to have spines on hair? Well… I am not talking about actual spines on hair. The trend came on the front during late 90s. This hairdo is made by bending straight hairs upward to make a sort of bun so that the fine ends are visible on the head.

4. Front tendrils

Curls are cute, but sometimes they are not! This sentence perfectly fits to front tendrils. It seemed like spiral wire hanging on your hair and touching your lashes for no reason. Thank God, we have gorgeous head accessories to replace front tendrils.

5. Too much blue eye shadow

Too much of anything can ruin all efforts. An enchanting electric eye makeup look can be created by using the blue eye shadow on lids, but too much of it can make you look a bit wacky.

6. Random accent braids

Imagine a single thin braid struggling to obtain the attention among messy wavy hair. Well, this was a hairdo which was quite popular for party looks till late 90s.

7. Glitter on the body

body glitter
Makeup artists used to apply a pinch of shimmer over the body to bring dewy glow on skin. Fortunately, we have illuminators now and we do not need to dive in glitter powder for achieving a glow with dewy finish.

8. Zebra striped highlights

I do not want you to get confused between hair streaks and zebra striped highlights. Streaks look classy because it uses a redefining color on particular portion of hair rather than creating zebra print with black and blonde shades on random strands.

9. Dark brown lipsticks

brown lipstick
Brown shaded lipsticks and especially dark brown shade was hugely used by girls during 90s irrespective of their complexion. There is no problem as such with this trend but we just cannot ignore lovely red, orange and pink lipsticks.

10. School girl barrettes

I remember that I used to wear two clips over the head to set my two braids while going school. This school barrette look was used by girls in 90s.

11. Corn row hairdo

corn rows
How many of you remember a hairdo which used to make the scalp look cultivated. Weird, right? It was the corn row hairdo which was quite famous during 90s.

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