11 Easy Hacks to Wear Heels Without Pain

By Chanchala Bose

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Wearing heels is not only fashionable but gives an extra edge to your personality. The kind of personality boost which you get while wearing heels is totally unmatchable. And not to forget heels give your legs a perfect shape. But wearing heels is a pain and we all agree to this. But do you know you can make the experience of wearing heels a pleasurable experience? Don’t believe me?? Have a look at the must try hacks given below which will make your heels worth loving;

11 Easy Hacks to Wear Heels Without Pain

1. Wear the correct size:

11 Easy Hacks to Wear Heels Without Pain

Wearing a correct size shoe, is the first step of getting no pain while wearing heels. If the size is bigger than it is, it bound to get out of the legs continuously and of it is too tight, then it will leave ugly marks on your legs.

2. Try to opt for thicker soles:

Thicker souls will ensure that you have enough ground. This ground will give ample space and comfort your legs. Thin soles can hurt your legs and dirt and other external agents can also get into the legs.

3. Go for more coverage:

If you opt for shoes which will have higher coverage, that are bound to be more comfortable. The logic is that more sole ensures that your feet breathes and completely comfortable.

4. Try shoe inserts:

Have you ever heard of shoe inserts?? These are the small and soft rounded balls, which can be inserted at the end of the shoes which will prevent sore in legs and ensures a smooth and comfortable walk when you are wearing the shoes.

5. Choose thicker heels over thinner ones:

Thicker heels gives you a lot more comfort when compared to thinner heels. Thick heels give you more space and comfort to walk and thus they pain less.

6. Take breaks at regular intervals:

11 Easy Hacks to Wear Heels Without Pain

Try to bring out your legs from the heeled shoes. If you suffer from bad pain, then try to take regular intervals at every 30 minutes or so. This will ensure that the pain gets well settled.

7. Stretching the feet:

Don’t forget to stretch your feet, when you open your shoes. This will give ample space to your feet and thus your feet can breathe much better and the walk will be comfortable overall.

8. Judge your comfort:

It’s a must that you must be aware of what shoe type can you easily carry off. Wear only that type of shoe else you might be causing pain to yourself unnecessarily.

9. Shoe when the day ends:

11 Easy Hacks to Wear Heels Without Pain

At the end of the day, your feets sore and so at that time you can go for a shoe shopping. This will give you ample space and comfort feeling while wearing the shoe all day.

10. Go for the tie – ups:


It is believed that tie ups are less painful because the pain is distributed. You can adjust the tie straps by loosening or tightening them.

11. Work on the bottoms:

Try to screw a part of the bottom of the shoe heels with scissors. This will eliminate the rough edge and ensure comfort.

12. Heel placement:

While buying the shoe, make sure that you check that the heels are placed right at the centre of the shoes. That will ensure lesser pain to your feet.

So, these were some of the best tips to get rid of the pain for all the heel lovers. Try the above given tips and let us know if they work for you. Let us know your experience in the comments down below.

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  1. These are good hints, thank you!
    (Just want to point out some typos – “soul” is your spirit, the actual word is “sole” of the feet. And your feet do not get “soar”, they get “sore”. :))

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