11 Fab ways to follow the Lace Fashion Trend

Lace It Up

Hello everyone,

I’m here with a few interesting ways to wear lace. The classic feminine quality of lace has been evergreen in fashion. We have seen lace garments used to bring about classy elegant looks. But one can use lace to sport a trendy chic look and they come in candy colours too. Let’s see some of the ways to lace up.

1. Lace shorts

lace white shorts

The most talked about lace garment in trend will be the lace shorts. This has brought a complete feminine edge to the ever flaunted shorts. Shorts lovers shouldn’t miss these. You can get these in pastels and bright hues.

lace shorts

A piece of lace added to a plain dress can glam it up. See how Kristen Stewart wore it to Cannes this year.

lace dress

2. Lace sleeves

lace back

It can be hard to get this look right. Lace sleeves with the wrong outfit can be a major faux pas…

3. Lace collars

lace collars

These are simply adorable.

Don’t have a lace collared dress try the lace collar that will never wilt. This is a metal necklace that has been laser cut to mimic lace.

4. Lace backs

lace shrugs

See how lace is used at the hem of this dress.

5. Lace for brides

Lace is widely used in wedding gowns. Take a look at some.

lace bridal dress

Lace accessories

6. Lace socks

lace socks

7. Lace and shoes

Brides keep these in mind…Not a bride?? You can still wear these. 🙂

lace bridal

8. Lace ribbons

lace ribbon

9. Lace clutches

lace clutch

No more blacks and white.

lace coloured

Double up on lace, mixing a bright white top with colorfully bold bottoms.

lace skirts

Instead of super-delicate, flimsy lace, try looking for pieces that weave ribbons and thicker threads into lace-like patterns.

10. Peek-a-boo. 

A slip of lace peeking out of anything is a styling trick that’s subtle but impactful. Put a pair of lace biker shorts underneath a dress for a totally cool peek-a-boo touch.

lace shirt

11. I love lace tops with denim. Take a look.

lace tops

Let’s take a look at how celebrities wore it.

lace celebrities

Lace lace lace lace!!! There are so many ways in which you can wear lace but never overdo it. When it comes to lace, less is more. Guys I hope you all liked it. If you know about more ways to wear lace do share them. And Rati I love the white lace shrug which you showed us in one of your looks. Guys, if you missed it check it out here http://fashion.makeupandbeauty.com/happy-day/
Thanks guys. Hope you enjoyed it.

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12 thoughts on “11 Fab ways to follow the Lace Fashion Trend

  1. Nice Article Ritu…
    I have a black lace dress.. which can be worn as a skirt too… And todaye I am wearing a lace top also 😀 yeye, I love lace :*

  2. Wow awesome post :-)i just love lace…
    just a few days back i saw a girl wearing a very sheer lace top with a very hot pink spaghetti top underneath it looked gorgeous… Since then im looking out for something like that !!

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