11 Last-Minute Makeup and Beauty Tricks

Last-Minute Beauty Tricks

Okay, so it is on of those rare days you reach office early, you have a meeting in ten and you are all set! Or you have a wedding to attend and your saree is all in place! Got some few minutes to take a last peek in the mirror? Well if you had a few more minutes to get ready, here is what you should be touching up in your makeup to get as close to flawless! Here are my favorite tips:
last minute beauty tricks

Wipe up:

I always do this with my foundation.I take a dry single ply tissue and press it against my face, or I take a face tissue and gently rub the tissue in slight wiping motion downwards.All the excess foundation, powder and oil comes off and the hair on the face are also pressed downwards, never apply your products upwards anyway for the same reason 😛

Dewy glow:

Say you are not wearing much foundation and are set with clean fresh skin, use some kind of illuminating lotion and dab it on the high cheek bones only, you could use a simple face lotion as well, and go dab dab on the high cheek so the cheeks look dewy and the light reflects the face.
Sweet smelling hair:

This is a quick fix I follow for all birthday parties here,as getting ready along with getting your 3 year old ready for the party is a task, trust me! What I do is, just before leaving, I spray my perfume generally and spray 3 spritz on the hair brush and go over the hair one last time. Fresh smelling hair all along! 😀

Raise the brow:

OMG I cannot imagine going somewhere important without doing the brows. I am fan of brow stencils these days,but I do not want to be too dramatic! I quickly use the latter half of the stencil shape, to get an arch on the brow, I don’t fill the entire brow with the stencil.Then smudge your brow pencil and done!

Frame it:

Now like you know that brows are so important to frame the face, use a flesh toned liner pencil to go under the brow, just enough to shape it, you could use an angle brush to use concealer under and above the shape of the brow, to give a clean effect. Then slightly blend with clean fingers, it makes your eyebrow filling job look like a million bucks!

Open up:

Needless to say, you can skip this if you wear kajal, but use a flesh-toned pencil on the waterline, this will really open up your eyes.



If I has few more minutes to get ready, I would put another coat of mascara, or if I am not wearing mascara, I would quickly curl my lashes once more for 30 seconds, don’t forget-your eyes do the talking!

Clear mascara:

I always forget to use this one, and if I had a few more minutes to get ready I would coat my eyebrows upward with a clear mascara or curl my lashes and use clear mascara to seal the curl when not wearing black mascara.


Most important, I would quickly straighten my bangs, or I would tease the crown hair for oomph and the best one- I would gently flip the hair upside down, spray some hair hold spray and a mix of perfume may be, and toss the hair up and spray one last time, get-set-go!


This is what I would never miss if I have time to touch up last minute! Contour the nose sides, and the hollow of the cheek and also highlight the bridge of the nose..



And last but not the least, I would go dab-dab with a matching lip gloss only on the centre of the lips, I am not a fan of full on glossy pout, but yes-I love my glosses enough to dab them to the centre of the lips to add volume!

Do share what are your last-minute tips for makeup and hair, say you had a couple more minutes to get ready till your husband gets the car going, what would it be…

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17 thoughts on “11 Last-Minute Makeup and Beauty Tricks

  1. Grt tips neha… I never wear saree on my kiddos bday anyway… Always keep it simple… Seeing the mess everyone will create

  2. OMG these are awesome tips neha. I am also an eyebrow addict now. Cnat do without my eyebrow pencil at all. It’s like no one else can notice it but you can. *hihi* *hihi*

  3. *woot* *thankyou* me too eyebrow stencil addict as of now but use only half the stencil *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  4. I would like to know about eyebrow stencil thing. I have v thin eyebrows n dont even know how to make it. I know we hav few posts but they use so many products and difficult for me.
    can anybody let me know what all products should I buy.

    nice post Neha… I am always in hurry, never get ready on time 🙁

  5. woww! fantastic tips *clap*
    i like the ‘sweet smelling hair’ tip the most so easy thank you .
    also eye brow pencil stencil thing.. i would like to know more about it. i dono that *shy* i have thin eyebrows *secret*

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