11 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Beauty is natural everyone is beautiful in their own way and makeup is always there to help us enhance what we already have. But sometimes makeup could be rocket science for newbies and even for those who are pro at it. I’ll be sharing simple and easy tips that will save you a lot of time and money.

Beauty hacks for everyone

1. Want to make your lipsticks transfer-proof?

All you need to do is peel a tissue apart to make it one ply, place it over your lips after you have applied your lipstick and dab a bit of loose powder over it and you’re good to go. You lipstick will stay on like cement and will be transfer proof!


2. Eyelashes do not hold the curl?

Are your eyelashes so stubborn that they don’t want to stay curled? You need a hairdryer and an eyelash curler. Heat up the eyelash curler with the hairdryer for about a minute and curl your eyelashes with it. Your lashes will stay curled and perky for a long time. No need to buy heated eyelash curlers!


3. Love glitter nails but it takes ages to clean them?

Who doesn’t like glitter nails! But it’s a pain to remove it. But don’t you worry, all you need is Fevicol..yes Fevicol!! Apply a layer of fevicol before you apply your glitter nail paint. To remove is all you need to do it rub your nail and it will peel off with ease.

4. Ran out of oil-blotting sheets?

It’s okay! Don’t you worry. You can use a tissue paper instead. Just peel a layer of the tissue and make it single ply and dab it wherever you’re oily and then powder your face. It’s that simple!

5. Accidentally put mascara on your eye lid?

The mistake that most girls do is that they wipe it off when it’s wet and it makes the smudge even more worse. Let it dry and when it’s all dry just take a q-tip and rub it off. The smudged mascara flakes off easily when it’s dry.

6. Want your perfume to last longer?

Yes ladies, vaselline helps your perfume to stay longer. Just apply some vaselline on your pulse points and spray your perfume over it. vaselline will make the perfume adhere much better and make you smell amazing for longer.



7. Is applying winged eye liner like solving the Rubik’s cube?

Your winged eyeliner doesn’t look the same on both your eyes? It’s okay, no one’s born perfect! You just need a cello tape. Place a piece of tape on your lower lash line going up to the brows, apply eyeliner and peel it off gently and abracadabra, perfect winged eyeliner!


8. Gel liners have dried like clay?

Revive your gel eyeliner by adding a few drops of baby oil in it. Give it a good mix and its good as new. You can also pop your gel eyeliner in the microwave for 10 seconds and it go back to its gel consistency.

9. Turn pencil liner into gel liner!

All you need is a lighter and your favourite pencil eyeliner. Heat the tip of the pencil eyeliner just for a second and it will be smooth enough to glide on softly. Perfect if you want to smudge it for a smokey eye look.


10. No time for shampoo?

Say hello to baby powder!! Sprinkle some baby powder over the oily areas and massage it well into your scalp. Easy hair refresh that takes less than a minute.

11. Tame baby hair with clear mascara!

Take a clear mascara and brush through those pesky fly aways for a neat and polished look. And trust me it doesn’t look crunchy and washes off easily when you shampoo.

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31 thoughts on “11 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

    1. Thank you Manisha!! even i’m very clumsy with mascara… my eyelid gets more mascara than my lashes! try the q-tip trick . it has always saved me 😀

  1. The cello tape trick ws amazin…. Though I have very steady hands but sumtymes wen I m in hurry this is definitely goin 2 help me…. Coz saari gadbad tbhi hoti h wen u r running out of tym……

    1. i always use the tape trick!! it hardly takes time to apply my eyeliner now. definitely try it out and i’ll be sooo happy if it works for you 😀

  2. great tips. I’ve tried heating the khol pencil over a flame but was so afraid to put it back on in my eye because of the smell it emitted after that. felt like some chemicals were burning.

  3. I swear the best beauty hack which every girl should know is to have flawless skin. And that is achieved by exceptional skin care routine. Period.

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