11 Mistakes You are Making with Bronzer and How to Avoid Them

Hi ladies,

Using a bronzer can help you achieve that festive glow in this season of festivities. Well, there are some things that can go wrong with application of bronzers. Let’s find out what they are and how to avoid them!


1. Not Testing It in Natural Light:

Store lights can be deceiving and you will most likely choose a shade that is not appropriate with your skin tone. If the lighting you’re in is too blue, the color won’t show up, and if you’re in light that’s too yellow, the color will appear more orange than its true shade. So, try to test the colour in natural light and use mirror to check out the shade and not your phone’s camera.

2. You’re Using the Brush That Came with the Bronzer:


Most of the brushes that come with palettes are just not that useful. If you want a proper application of bronzer, then use a brush that is fluffy and round like your blush brush. Using stiff brushes will result in patchy and uneven application of bronzer.

3. You Apply Bronzer Right After Your Foundation:

You should wait a few moments, before applying your bronzer, if you have used a liquid foundation with a beauty blender, then chances are your skin is still a bit damp and when powder bronzers are applied on damp skin, you can get a streaky result.

4. You Use Your Bronzer to Contour:

Bronzer is meant to give you an all-over sun-kissed glow, not to sculpt the cheekbones. It should be used across your forehead, on the bridge of the nose and lightly on the cheeks and chin. If you want to contour, then use separate contouring products.

5. You’re just using bronzer:


Just using bronzer on the face, may make it look artificial and fake. You can use a bit of your highlighting and blushing skills, to enhance your features and prevent your face from looking too flat.

6. You’re Overdoing the Shimmer:

Bronzers with a lot of shimmer, should be applied as highlighters and used only on the cheeks. Overly shimmering powders tend to look oily and greasy after few hours and you definitely don’t want that, do you?

7. You’re Only Sticking to Powder:

You can always experiment with different formulas to see what works for you! If you have got dry skin, then using a powdered bronzer may highlight the dry patches even more! You can try cream based bronzers for a more subtle luminescent glow.

8. Applying Too Much Bronzer:


Too much bronzer will just make you look sweaty and shiny. Don’t just swirl the brush onto the bronzer and then apply it straight onto your skin. Before applying it on your face, tap or blow off any excess that’s on the tips of your brush, to ensure you haven’t got too much product on your brush.

9. Forgetting the Rest of Your Body:


You spent all that time doing your face and your skin is looking all glowy but what about the rest of your body? Just mix a few drops of liquid bronzer with your favourite body lotion, and apply it to all the exposed areas to look like a bronzed goddess.

10. You’re Using a Powder Bronzer in hot and humid days:


Powder bronzers will look like mud in too much of heat and humidity. Opt for sweat-proof or waterproof formula, that won’t melt away throughout the day.

11. You’re Applying It in The Wrong Places:

To achieve a healthy glow, apply the bronzer on the high points your face that the sunlight naturally hits, as I told you before. The easiest way to do so is by drawing on the bronzer in the shape of a “3” starting at temple, hitting the top of the cheekbone, and down to the jaw line, followed by gently blending the product in to smooth out any harsh lines.

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