11 Moisturizer Mistakes You Need to Stop Committing!

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Applying a moisturizer correctly is an art. We all commit so many mistakes while applying our moisturizers, one of them being rubbing it too vigorously! We can pat the moisturizer into our skin or we can use gentle and upward motions of our fingers to apply it. Well this was just the basic thing; let’s find out some of the mistakes we make regarding moisturizers.

11 Moisturizer Mistakes You Need to Stop Committing!

Applying Moisturizer to Dry Skin

You would want all the hydration that you can get from your moisturizer, right? Dry skin has a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface which creates a layer on top of the skin. This layer doesn’t allow any moisture to seep through. So, apply the moisturizer to damp skin to lock in the moisture.

Choosing the Wrong Moisturizer

light day cream for all skin types

You may suspect that your product isn’t working for you, and you may be right. In addition to avoiding potentially damaging ingredients like chemical fragrances, petroleum, parabens, and the likes, you need a natural product that works right for your unique skin type. Drier skin types usually do well with coconut oil whereas those prone to breakouts may favor grapeseed or avocado oil.

Applying Moisturizer Inconsistently

Our skin has the tendency to fall into a routine so whatever your moisturizing routine may be, just try to stick with it. Your skin will react positively if you follow a proper skin care routine religiously.

Never Changing Moisturizer

Clinique skin care haul

Our skin changes as we age; also, several changes in your body can change the effectiveness of the moisturizer we use. Our skin needs different moisturizers for different seasons. So don’t feel sorted if you have brought just one moisturizer. Try to switch up your skincare routine after a while or in different seasons.

Forgetting Your Neck

This is one of the biggest mistakes that we make while applying a moisturizer: we forget to apply it on the neck. So always remember to apply your moisturizer to your neck and breast area too.

Pricier Products = Higher Quality

Don’t just blindly follow bigger brands thinking that they are the best. Sometimes a drugstore brand’s moisturizer works better than a high-end one. So don’t be afraid to try mid-range brands also.

Skipping Moisturizer when Your Skin Feels Oily

blotting sheets for oily skin women

This is the most common misconception that oily skin doesn’t need moisture, but this simply isn’t true. An oil-based moisturizer might make you look greasy and can clog your pores but a gel- or water-based moisturizer will provide perfect hydration for oily skin.

Choosing the Wrong Ingredient(s) for Your Skin Type

Your skin type is the key factor in determining the kind of moisturization level you need. Sensitive skin needs to stay away from fragrance-based products. Dry skin needs oil-rich ingredients and oily skin needs water or gel based moisturizers. So consider your skin type before buying a moisturizer.

Using Moisturizer to Reduce Eye Puffiness

Did you know that hydrating ingredients can hold water in the skin? So, moisturizers and eye creams may make your eyes look even more puffy than usual! You can try the cold spoon method to reduce the puffiness and not moisturizers or eye creams in the morning when you are getting ready.

Applying Foundation without Giving Moisturizer the Time to Set

applying foundation after a moisturiser

A moisturizer’s creaminess can cause makeup to thin out if it didn’t get proper time to get dry which can result in blotchy makeup application. So always give your moisturizer a minute to get absorbed and then apply your makeup.

Not Exfoliating

Exfoliation removes the dry and dead cells on the uppermost layer of the skin which ensures that your moisturizer will seep deep into the skin and provide maximum hydration. So try exfoliation at least once or twice a week for maximum benefits.

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