11 Most Positive Habits of Happy Couples

Hello lovers,

Being happy in life is very vital. Being happy in your relationship with your partner is equally important. The way a couple behaves shows whether they’re happy or not. I currently have been in a relationship for quite some time and it’s going wonderful. I surely miss the honeymoon phase but I wouldn’t do anything to replace what we have right now! When I see couples here, I notice whether they’re happy or not. Frankly, what goes on in a relationship cannot be judged by an outsider; only the people together know what it actually is. Here are a few things I find positive in couples.

11 Most Positive Habits of Happy Couples

1. Doing things together

doing things together
We are all different and are bound to have different habits. A relationship means finding the right balance between partner’s likes and dislikes. For example, if you like going out for dining and your partner prefers dancing, alternate between these two options. It maintains a balance. Also if your partner has had a bad day, make his choice your priority. Alternating may not always work, the key is communicating and finding the balance.

2. Just talk

Have some time in the evening where you just talk. No TV, no other distractions, just talk. Talk about your dreams, talk about your work and talk to each other if you are facing some problem. They may have faced a similar problem and may be able to help you out.

3. Being open and honest

If you have a problem with something in your relationship, you communicate. You find a long time solution, not a short time solution. If anything upsets you, you choose to tell your partner instead of giving him the cold shoulder. He’s not a mind reader, girls.

4. Give without expectations

Give out of love, compassion, empathy, compassion and mutual respect. Don’t expect anything in return. In unhealthy relationships, giving is used as a tool to get something in return. Let your partner express their love in their own way.

5. Respect

This is the most important thing. You need to respect each other more than anything else. Never undermine your partner’s values. You may have different opinions on things (naturally), but work them out. Respect your partner’s opinions and always listen to what they have to say, even if you disagree with them.

6. Intimacy

End of honeymoon phase does not mean end of romance. Surprise each other. Keep the spark alive. Be passionate towards each other. If you’re in a rut, break it. Do something spontaneous together. Go for a holiday. Make efforts. Don’t always expect him to take charge. It works both ways. You can surprise him too with tiny gifts without any occasion.

7. No phones

no phone rule

When out on dates, keep the phone away! Even if you want to show them something on the phone, wait till get back home or till the morning. Technology can wait.

8. Apologizing in time

You say sorry not because you want to be a hero. You don’t want to prove yourself right. You care about the other person. You sincerely mean it. You don’t say “I’m sorry, but…” instead you say “I’m sorry, because I…”.

9. Helping each other out

When your partner needs you, support them unconditionally. No matter how long it takes. Be there for them. If your partner has a negative side, balance it out with your positivity. Help each other learn, grow and develop.

10. Saying “I Love You”

saying i love you
Well, we all do love our partners. In the busy schedule and lives of ours, sometimes we may not be able to express our love efficiently. Saying “I Love You” becomes very important. Express your emotions, don’t keep them inside. Also, hugs are equally important. Hug each other when you see them after a long time.

11. Loving him for who he is

You love him because of who he is; not because of what he can become in the future. You love him and you want to see him grow and develop. You don’t love the person for what he can become after you change him to your ways.

Let’s all make our lives better and happier!

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