11 Problems with Tricky-Dresses and What to Wear Underneath Them!

Hi ladies,

Summers are approaching. Now it is time to take out those cute summer dresses and tops. Sometimes it gets really tricky to find a bra that goes with those deep necks or open back dresses. In this post I will help you with tricky dress problems and their solutions.

tricky dress problems

1. Deep V-neck Dress:

deep v neck dress

These dresses are oh so sexy and stunning. So much can go wrong with them. Well fret not! Choose a deep plunge bra to go with your deep neck dresses. If the fabric of your dress is light or sheer then your bra should be in a nude colour.

2. Backless Dress:

backless dress

You can try a backless bra with adhesive wings for these sultry dresses. The adhesive should be strong to provide proper support and it should be worn on dry skin so that it will be able to stick to the skin properly. You can look out for backless dresses with internal boning, which provide additional structure like thin silicone strips along the lining that can grip the skin.

3. Slim Fit Dress:

slim fit dress

These dresses tend to cling to all those small little flaws in the body and to conceal these flaws a full coverage body suit is the answer. A body suit will help to conceal the flaws, make you look slimmer and will enhance the overall appearance of your dress.

4. Cut Out dress:

A backless bra with strong adhesive is your answer to these playful dresses. You can also go for strapless bras if your dress is not that revealing!

5. Clinched Waist dress:

clinched waist dress

If your dress is normally modest from the above but quite clinched in at the waist then you need something that will provide a smoother mid section. You can go for high waisted underwear or panties to solve this issue.

6. Crisscross:

These dresses are really flirtatious, visually appealing and playful. The crisscross at the back can be tricky to dress. You can go for a convertible bra. Just remove the straps from back hooks and swap the straps in the back to create a crisscross.

7. Halter dress:

halter dress

Halter bras are your best bet while wearing these dresses. These have straps in the front that tie at the back of your neck. You can also try convertible bra which will solve so many of your tricky dress issues.

8. Strapless dress:

If you have bigger breasts then wearing a strapless dress can get so uncomfortable. You can wear a strapless bra or you can also use fashion tape to keep the dress in place.

9. Bodycon Dress:

bodycon dress

You can go for thigh high body suits to prevent unflattering bunching and to smooth out creases while wearing curve hugging bodycon dresses.

10. Flared Mini:

flared mini

You can avoid accidental flashes in these free flowing summer dresses by pairing a pair of cute lace shorts in the same colour as your dress.

11. Front Keyhole:

front keyhole dress

You can choose to go for plunging neckline bodysuits or adhesive body bra which have individual cups place under and over each breast for those tricky cut-outs.

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