11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer

By Surabhi Singh

Hi everyone,

Here, I am with another article for those who keep thinking why their makeup doesn’t last longer. We all love doing makeup. Don’t we? We put so much effort to look impressive but, it all goes in vain if you do any of the below-mentioned reasons. By the course of time, some find the reasons and improve themselves while some couldn’t. So, I am here with few reasons to let you know. If you find your reason listed below then start improving it and let us know if it worked for you or not.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer2

Read on to know more.

1. You Don’t Cleanse Your Face Properly:

This could be one of the main reasons why your makeup does not last longer. If you are not cleansing your face properly then, extra oil and dirt are already sitting on your face which makes it difficult for the makeup products to survive for a while. We all know, how makeup does not set on oily face properly. If you want your makeup to last longer, use a good cleanser which cleanses all excess oil and dirt from your face.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer1

2. You are Not Exfoliating Regularly:

For applying any makeup, your skin must be smooth and free from dead cells and other impurities. Hence, exfoliation plays an important role in this. You must exfoliate regularly to keep your skin free from any other type of impurities to make it appear soft and smooth all the time.

3. You are Not Using a Moisturiser:

If you are among those who skips applying a moisturiser then, you are doing it wrong. Using a moisturiser, before applying makeup gives your skin a smooth texture and helps the makeup to glide easily. In addition to this, if you let the moisturiser on the face for few minutes, it gets absorbed into the skin and prevents makeup from clogging the pores and helps it to stay longer.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer

4. You are Not Using a Primer:

We always use a base coat while doing manicures so, why not you are using a base for your makeup. A primer helps in hiding the pore appearance and evens out your skin texture thus, making your skin smooth for easy application of makeup. If you think your makeup base is not lasting longer then, invest in a good primer.

5. You are Applying a Heavy Layer in One Go:

Avoid applying your makeup base in a single heavy layer which makes your face looks cakey and unnatural. Further, it gives you a heavy and sweaty look because of which the makeup comes off earlier. If you want your makeup to stay longer then, go for several light layers which don’t only help your makeup to last longer but, also gives your face a natural look.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer3

6. You are Using a Lip Balm Just Before Lipstick:

If you do so, then it is the only reason why your lipstick won’t last longer or look smeared. The oil in the lip balm does so. If you still want to apply lip balm before lipstick then wait for some time after applying lip balm then, blot away the extra with napkins and then apply a lipstick.

7. You are Not Setting your Makeup:

You must use a good setting spray to keep your makeup in its place to make it last longer. If you invest in a setting spray, then, you don’t have to worry about touch-ups every hour because a good spray prevents your makeup from melting. So, invest in a good makeup setting spray.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer6

8. You are Not Using Right Products:

You may often own those products which are not according to your skin condition, skin tone or you may be using those products which do not claim to last longer or you have been using wrong makeup brushes all this time. So invest in good quality makeup products according to your necessities.

9. You are Not Using Powder to Set:

A Powder helps to seal your makeup and make it last longer. Always, use a powder to set your makeup otherwise, it will wear off soon.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer4

10. You are Touching it, Again and Again:

Once you are done with makeup, do not touch it again and again. The oil and dirt from your fingertips keep getting deposited on your face and with every swipe you are removing your makeup.

11. You are Not Blotting:

Your skin is meant to produce oil and after a while, if you feel like your skin is becoming oily then, blot it and remove the excess oil rather than doing touch-ups on the greasy face. Excess oil on our face is the reason for makeup wear off.

11 Reasons Why Your Makeup Won’t Last Longer5

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