11 Shoe Hacks to Happy Feet!

When we plan to attend an important event like someone’s marriage or birthday party we think about what to wear and which footwear would look perfect with the outfit. Our footwear specially the ones with high heels though looks like million bucks but mere thinking about walking in those heel gives us nightmares.

11 Shoe Hacks to Happy Feet! 5

Most of the time, we put fake smile on our face and walk around in those shoes ignoring our comfort and pain. Sometimes, we compromise with our fashion and wear a wrong pair knowing that it will be fashion disaster just to make our feet happy. Worry not girls, you don’t have to go through this ordeal ever again as I am sharing 10 shoe hacks for happy smiling feet wherever you go and whatever you do!

1) Avoid Blisters:-
With new shoes or sandals blisters come for free most of the time. No matter how expensive your shoe is, it seems impossible to avoid blister. God! When they will understand that we hate them whole heartedly. They make our foot life hell. Even if there is no guarantee that they will vanish completely but at least we can minimize them by rubbing deo on your toes and heels. Deo will help in reducing the friction that is caused by the new shoes; therefore, chances of getting blisters will automatically reduce.

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2) Blow Dry Your New Shoes:-
I feel that whenever we wear any new footwear they behave like a size zero models. They become so slim that we wonder if our foot had gained weight overnight. We feel like banging those pairs on our head wishing if that will enlarge their size somehow. I will spare you from that. Wear thick or thermal socks with your new shoes and blow dry them. This will make them loose and then you can walk around comfortably in them.

3) Hairspray For Slipping Flip Flops:-
Flip flops are the most comfortable footwear on earth but sometimes they also create problem for us by slipping away from our foot. Use your hairspray, if this happens. Hair spray will help you to get the grip on your slipping flip flops.

4) Waterproof Your Shoes:-
Don’t we all hate damp feet, especially when the reason behind dampness is dirty drainage water on winter or monsoon? You don’t have to spend extra bucks on waterproof shoes anymore. Rubbing beeswax inside your shoes will make it waterproof automatically.

11 Shoe Hacks to Happy Feet! 3

5) Tea Bags For Sweaty Feet:-
Do you suffer from smelly feet? Though it’s a great way to shoo away people you don’t like or to take revenge on your enemy but for the ones you like use tea bags to get rid of the odor. You may dry the used tea bags if you do not want to waste the new ones.

6) Painful Heels? Tape Your Toes!-
Wearing heel causes pain most of the time because of the nerve splits between third and fourth toes. Therefore, if you tape those two toes together this will help in alignment of the foot muscles and will not cause any pain. So now that you know the secret behind how models wear those pointed heels, you too can flaunt them proudly in any event!

11 Shoe Hacks to Happy Feet! 4

7) Get A Grip On Your Foot:-
Flat sandals or shoes can quite literally make us fall head over heels. Especially the ones which are made of plastic materials and meant to use during monsoons, they tend to slip a lot on the floor. To save yourself from the mighty fall (unless of course, if you’re not waiting for your prince charming to come and catch you) please rub sandpaper on the bottom soles.

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8) Baby Powder:-
I love the smell of baby powder. Though we do not put baby powder on our face anymore but we can surely apply some on our feet while wearing a new pair of shoes. You would feel more comfortable in your new shoes and also get to sniff that baby aroma during your mini breaks 😉

11 Shoe Hacks to Happy Feet! 2

9) Heel Grips:-
Now a day’s many shop sell heel grips. Look for it when you go for shopping next time. They will make your life easy, trust me!

10) Foot Spa:-
No, you don’t have to go to parlor for your foot spa. Add salt in warm water and soak your feet in it. Do this at least once in a week. You may also use peppermint essential oil to get relief from foot pain. Keep them clean and hydrated. Remember, taking care of foot is essential to minimize the pain.

11 Shoe Hacks to Happy Feet! 6

11) Vinegar For Leather Shoes:-
To remove water stains from your leather shoes spray vinegar water and gently scrub it.

Hope you find these hack helpful and please do share with us if you know any other shoe hacks!

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