11 Skin Care Secrets You Should Definitely Know

By Surabhi Singh

We often go on a spree for products to make our skin look flawless. But, we never bother to take a look at our daily skin care regimen. Now is the time to do so! Take a look at these basic but important skin care secrets that we all tend to ignore most of the time.


Tone regularly

We always hear the word CTM – cleanse, tone and moisturise – but many of us skip the ‘T’ part, i.e. toning. Often people do not know what a toner is, what it does. Let me tell you that a good toner actually removes the remaining impurities and restores your skin’s pH balance. Always look for an alcohol-free toner. So find your companion if you haven’t yet.

Take off makeup before bedtime


Leaving your makeup on overnight can make your skin clogged, tired and dull. It does not matter how lousy you are feeling, always make sure to remove your makeup properly without leaving any traces. Use a good quality of makeup cleanser. A makeup cleanser with the goodness of vitamin E is a good bet.

Start your day right

You must be strict about cleansing and toning every morning and night. Before stepping out, remember to apply a moisturiser with SPF. If you are applying a moisturiser without SPF then compulsorily apply a sunscreen lotion because even a 2-minute direct exposure to the sun can damage your skin cells.

Water and water and more water


You must know when your skin is dry and dehydrated. Dehydrated skin tends to produce excess oil. Seeing oil on the skin, we tend towards harsh oil removing products. This could peel off your skin and make it irritable. The solution to this is to keep yourself hydrated. Use a hydrating moisturiser and drink plenty of water throughout the day. These habits will leave your skin flawless and glowing.


This is a must in your skin care regime. Exfoliate your skin regularly because if you do not exfoliate, you might just be putting moisturiser on dead skin. Find a scrub that’s perfect for your skin type and issues or make one at home with simple kitchen ingredients.

Don’t over-wash

Some people tend to over wash their face and that too very harshly. Never apply any pressure on your face while cleansing. Use your fingertips to cleanse and be gentle with your skin. If you love your skin, it will love you back.

Keep it simple


You do not have to keep a hectic routine for good skin. Use the right products with great ingredients; they will work perfectly for you. Make a proper skin care regime for yourself and follow it every day.

Repair while you sleep

Remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly before bed because night is the time when your skin is rejuvenating. Use a suitable moisturiser or a night cream, depending on your age and skin conditions. A rich night cream repairs your skin and keeps it healthy for life.

A little massage never hurts


While applying your moisturiser at night time, you can give yourself a little massage. You can use firm upward and gentle outward movements. A nice massage relaxes your skin and increases blood circulation. A massage not only makes your skin glow but also helps the product get absorbed well.

Stick to consistent regimen

Whenever you change any product in your skin regime, stick to it for at least 3-4 months. In my opinion, one must change one product at a time in their skin care regime to know its effect better. Many people keep jumping here and there on various skin care products; this is not great for your skin at all.

Freeze them

Applying ice cube is a traditional way to sooth any burn or inflammation. Why not give an extra shot to it? Once in a while, freeze your toner or even green tea with some lemon and honey in it and take one cube out any time you wish. I personally use green tea with a hint of lemon as my skin is oily and acne prone. Cold pressure increases your blood circulation, which gives you a glowing skin.

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