11 Tips for Buying the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding

Here is a comprehensive guide, which will help you in choosing the best pair of footwear for all your wedding functions and also your D-day.

bridal mehendi on feet

1. Look for comfort:

You will be wearing your wedding shoes for the longest time, so comfort is the first factor to consider. Specialised wedding shoes, come with extra paddings to help you get through the day. Look for extra support and always remember comfort is the key!

2. Don’t compromise on quality:

You may have spent a bomb on your wedding lehenga and now you want to cut back on the budget of your shoes, please don’t do that! As I said earlier, you will be wearing your wedding shoes for many hours at stretch so you need shoes that you can rely upon. Go for tried and tested brands and do not compromise on the shoe quality.

3. Type of shoes you want:

There are different types of shoes like peep toes, gladiators, wedges, kitten heels, block heels or even closed toe heels. You need to keep your mind open while shopping and don’t shy away from trying on as many pairs as you want.

4. How high will you go with the heel:

Remember that, you’ll be standing for long hours, posing for pictures in that super heavy lehenga of yours! Choosing 5-6 inch pencil heels, might not be a practical idea. You don’t want to put too much strain on your knees and would definitely not want to break your back, while still smiling for pictures. So choose the length of your heels wisely.

5. Consider your venue:

Will you be getting married in a farmhouse like setting or banquet hall? You won’t want your heels digging into the ground at a farmhouse so block heels or wedges would be better idea for that kind of venue. If it is going to be in a hall, then you can definitely experiment a bit more with your shoes.

6. Pick the perfect fit:

Your wedding shoes ideally should fit you like second skin. Shortlist the shoes that you like and wear them around the store to check the fit. Make sure your toes aren’t getting squeezed or your feet coming out as you walk. Your wedding shoes should fit you like a dream.

7. Don’t be a first timer:

Wear your new shoes at home, for a couple of hours and walk around in them. Let your feet get accustomed to the new footwear. The footwear takes the shape of your feet, that way you will feel a lot more comfortable on the D-day.

8. Remember to pack an extra pair:

Things do go wrong especially at weddings! Don’t forget to pack an extra pair of heels and flats just in case a strap breaks or you want to change into flats.

9. Wear them to the lehenga fitting:

The length of your lehenga should be altered after you have bought your heels to ensure your lehenga is neither a bit short nor long. So do not forget to carry your new pair of heels to lehenga fittings.

10. Match your shoes to your dress:

I am not saying be all matchy with your dress and your pair of heels. The footwear should complement your attire and don’t think that no one will notice your heels as you will be wearing a floor length lehenga or dress.

11. Would you wear them again?

Wedding shoes will always be special, but don’t make them a one-day wonder! While shopping for your shoes, look out for those pairs which you will be able to wear again without any discomfort.

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