12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer

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How have you all been doing? Summer is already upon us, and the heat and humidity filled days are slowly getting unbearable. All you feel like doing all day is lazing around in a cool and air-conditioned environment. But, it is not always possible. Therefore, the blazing heat outside does not mean that you can’t look your hottest and feel your coolest this season. Here are some tips on how to beat the heat in style this summer.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer4

1. Sweat Free Hot Beachy Waves with Salt Spray:

Summer months mean you have to sport the sexy and hot beachy waves look. It is the perfect choice to carry with your denim shorts or your floral dresses. However, did you know that flaunting this hot hairstyle can actually keep you cool? Use a sea salt spray to texturize your hair to give it the perfect waves. Not only will this allow you to host gorgeous waves, but also help to soak up the extra sweat from your scalp. Therefore, it is a perfect tip to look hot and feel sweat free and cool at the same time.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer6

2. Block the Sun and Turn Heads with Hats:

Are the sun rays getting too much for your face to bear? Not only it is extremely uncomfortable, direct exposure of sunlight on your hair and face can actually damage both and speed up the ageing process. Therefore, block them out in style by wearing ultra chic fashionable hats. In India, we don’t make it a habit of wearing hats, but trust me, ladies, this can be your perfect solution to beat the heat and turn heads with your fashion statement this summer.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer5

3. Hot Dewy Skin with Cool Facial Spray:

We all know that gone are the days of powdery and cakey skin. What’s hot is gorgeous and fresh dewy skin. A lot of girls have a problem with facial sweating, and sometimes, all we need is a cool facial spray. Look for sprays with aloe, cucumber and other cooling agents or make your very own. Carry it in your bag, and spritz it on your face to feel instantly cool, and end up with the much desirable dewy skin.

4. Flowy Summer Tops to Beat the Heat:

Tights are not always a favourable option, especially in summer. In fact, what tights will do is make you feel hot, temperature-wise. Therefore, make loose and flowing silhouettes your best friend. Take a cue from our favourite Bollywood stars, like Alia and Deepika, and feel cool and comfy with flowing fabrics and relaxed hemlines.

5. Lose the Extra Weight and Feel Cool with Fruits and Veggies:

Nothing makes us feel and look hotter in the summer months than getting the perfect body that we desire. Therefore, one way to look hot effortlessly by knocking off that extra weight as well as feeling really cool internally is by consuming lots of fresh fruits and veggies. It is the perfect time to stock up cucumbers, gourds, veggies, melons, peaches, and all those yummy and cool summer fruits. These fibres will help you lose weight and also make your skin glow from within.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer1

6. Look Chic with the Top Knot:

Another classic way of beating the heat is wearing your hair up. The worst thing that happens to us during summers is feeling hot due to all the sweat and grime and heat trapped between the hair and our neck. Therefore, take a cue from Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner and tie your hair up in a topknot to look hot and feel cool.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer2

7. Wear that Makeup in Cool Metallics:

Summer does not mean that you need to stop wearing makeup. But, change it according to the climate to suit your face and the eyes of those who are watching you. Instead of flaunting that flat black smoky eyes for a summer party, try cool metallic shades like silvers and blues to jazz up your face as well as create a cooling effect on your face.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer9

8. Makeup Setting Spray is your Best Friend:

Nothing, I repeat, nothing looks worse than melting makeup in summer. Therefore, it should be a strict no-no for all you girls. Summer is the best time to invest in makeup setting sprays. Spritz it on your face to get the long lasting sexy makeup look that you want without the discomfort of feeling it running down your face.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer8

9.Cold Shoulders will make you Look Hot and Feel Cool:

We all love those strappy tops, but don’t want our arms to get burned and feel the brunt of summer. Therefore, cold shoulder tops can be the perfect solution for you. It protects your arms from the heat but exposes just the right amount of shoulders, to not only provide air circulation but also to look your hottest and trendiest best this summer.

10. Shower it Off:

Nothing feels as relaxing as a cold shower in summer, so make sure to squeeze in time for at least two of them in a day. A cold shower is a perfect way to beating the heat and getting rid of all the sweat and grime accumulated on your body. Stock up some cool and refreshing body washes and mists that would leave you feeling refreshed and energised after your shower.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer7

11. Wear Cool, Breathable Fabrics:

Cotton and linens are what you should be stocking up in summer. Natural fibres will make you feel cool by providing air circulation, whereas coarse and heavy synthetic fabrics will just trap heat and end up making you feel worse. Therefore, choose your summer dresses, tops and skirts in natural and breathable fabrics to beat the heat in style.

12 Amazing Ways to Look Hot and Feel Cool in Summer3

12. Avoid Dark Colors:

It was in 10th-grade physics where you had learnt that black and dark colours trap heat whereas light colours reflect them. Therefore, summer should be the months to flaunt your yellows, oranges and pinks. If you are a fan of brightness, colors like cool blues, menthol greens and whites will make you look stylish. Therefore, ditch the dark colours this summer and turn heads in light colours.

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