12 Bedtime Rules to Wake Up with a Gorgeous Hair

By Chanchala Bose

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Do you know that beauty has its own set of rules? And, maintaining that beauty involves a lot of rules and regulations. In today’s busy world, maintaining our hair is very difficult. The nighttime is the best time to rejuvenate your skin as your body is at complete rest. So, the best way is to take care of your skin and hair at night so that you can wake up with a healthy and gorgeous hair. 


Read on to know the details.

12 Bedtime Rules to Wake Up with a Gorgeous Hair:


1. Sleep with a Braided Hair:

If you sleep with a braided hair, your hair’s friction will be much lesser and as a result hair breakage will be controlled. In addition, your hair will retain it’s moisture thus, by preventing dryness.

2. Sleep on a Satin Pillow Case:

Sleeping on a satin pillow case ensures that hair breakage is lesser and hair moisture is retained. The static charge in your hair is reduced and controls frizzy hair really well.

3. Avoid Sleeping with Wet Hair:

Sleeping with wet hair will cause excessive hair breakage. Hair gets tangled and is prone to dryness and hair loss.


4. Don’t Tie your Hair Tight:

If you tie your hair tightly then your roots are pressurised. This leads to severe breakage of your hair.

5. Apply Coconut Oil to your Hair Ends:

As a result of Dry hair, your hair ends suffer the most. So, apply some coconut oil on your hair ends so that the moisture is retained and the hair looks healthier.

6. Apply Aloe Vera Gel:

You should keep a DIY spray of aloe vera gel, water and coconut oil and you can spray this on your hair ends. This will ensure that your hair is soft and shiny.


7. Use Plastic Hair Accessories:

Using rubbers or metal accessories on your hair contribute to hair breakage. So, better use plastic accessories and see your hair breakage will be much lesser.

8. Use Nylon Stockings as a Sleeping Cap:

Tie your hair in a bun and cover it with clean nylon stockings. This will ensure that you wake up with a softer and smoother hair.

9. Use Talc for Natural Waves in the Morning:

Spray some talcum powder on your roots and scalp. And, in the morning you can see good, bouncy hair.


10. Use Baby Care Products:

Baby care products contain natural products and they are extremely good for your hair’s overall health.

11. Use a Body Lotion on Hands Before Combing your Hair at Night:

Before combing your hair at night, use a body lotion. This will ensure that your hands are soft and helps in preventing the breakage as friction will be much lesser.


12. Make a Simple Bun:

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of making a braid then just make a simple bun with a hair pin and you are done for the night. It will keep your hair ends soft and healthy.


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