12 Chanel Nail Polish Photos, Swatches

chanel nail paints

I have reviewed Chanel Nail Polishes HERE and HERE

Price : Rs 1450/-

These are photos and swatches of all the Chanel nail paints I own at the moment. Happy Sunday everyone. πŸ™‚

Chanel Black Satin : It is pure creamy black. One swipe and it looks pretty smooth and opaque. I still like to go for two coats to get that rich creamy and shiny gloss.

chanel black satin

chanel black satin le vernis

Chanel Rose Cache Nail Polish 521 is a neutral beige pink. It just makes your fingers look longer and cleaner. πŸ˜€ VeryΒ sophisticated. It does need atleast 2 coats to become completely opaque on nails.

chanel rose cache le vernis

chanel rose cache

chanel rose cache nail polish 521

Chanel Blue Boy is a greyish blue non shimmery cream finish color. Goes on non streaky and one coat is all you need to get the full coverage on nail.

chanel blue boy

chanel blue boy le vernis

chanel blue boy nail polish

Chanel Blue Satin 461 : A rich duro chrome prussian blue with blue shimmers in it. You need atleast two coats of it.

chanel blue satin

chanel blue satin 461

chanel blue satin 461 le vernis

Chanel Dragon Le Vernis 475 : My most favourite red nail paint ever. Check more pics HERE

chanel dragon

chanel dragon 475

chanel dragon le vernis

Chanel Graphite 529 : A gorgeous metallic silver. More pics HERE

chanel graphite

chanel graphite 529

chanel graphite le vernis

Chanel June 539 Le Vernis : a very pretty creamy peach color. It may go streaky and you need atleast two coats of it to get that flawless finish.

chanel june

chanel june 539

chanel june le vernis

Chanel Paradoxal 509 : is a duo chrome purple taupe. But as you put on more coats of the nail polish, it looks more taupe than purple.

chanel paradoxal le vernis

chanel paradoxal

chanel paradoxal 509

Chanel Particuliere : I love this one .. It is creamy finish taupe brown.

chanel particuliere

chanel particuliere 505

chanel particuliere le vernis

Chanel Peridot 531 : It is a duo chrome golden khaki nail paint. Very metallic.

chanel peridot 531

chanel peridot

chanel peridot le vernis

Chanel Rose Exuberant 519 : A very pretty pink. I feel it is a very common color and would be easily available in any brand. I like it still.

chanel rose exuberant 519

chanel rose exuberant

Chanel Rouge Noir : ThisΒ literallyΒ started my love for Chanel nail paints. I looooovee eRouge Noir. It is a gorgeous burgundy. Love it both on hands and feet but this is more of my winter and evening color.

chanel rouge noir 18

chanel rouge noir

chanel rouge noir le vernis


105 thoughts on “12 Chanel Nail Polish Photos, Swatches

  1. June is kind of odd to work with na…but I love the colour…and I got it just cos is my happy birthday month heheheheee :happydance: :happydance:

        1. he he…you know…yesterday, I ate so much that I was feeling damn sleepy…….I ate payasam yeshterday…..moong dal ka…. :preen: :preen:

          1. Haww…you know how to make it? I make it so bad…I tried once…the way my mom makes it looks so easy….but I don’t know…something goes wrong when I make it …it tastes like sweetish dal when I make minus the tadka 😐

            1. ghee….you have to add all that jeera powder, cardmom, and all na……it comes real good…..and lots of jaggery….not dal like :spank: :spank: I am spanking you so much today 😐 😐

              1. I don’t know..I did everything she told…it no come properly…and when I asked her she kept giggling and telling I am hopeless cook 😐 😐 I no trust her…I think she gave me wrong recipe 😐

                1. You know…I will give you online cooking lessons……I will even teach you Rati’s secret poha recipe……you pay me in dollars :teddy: :preen: :preen:

                2. that was last year…..this one is a new year….I am a better cook….i no burn anything….oh….you are refusing because somebody told you about my paneer in chilly gravy episode na πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

                3. errr….I mean not me…..slip of the keyboard….. :silly: :silly: :silly: I meant did you hear about that episode of Nupur where she you know accidentally dropped lots of chilli into her paneer curry…..there was less of panner and more of chilli powder….. πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯

                4. Err……I didn’t say Nupur….I said Rati….mishtake….it was a typo…I meant rati only :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

                5. yeahhh!!!! now i got a pretty looking jar for the chilly flakes.. so i threw away the old one .. but the new one has such small holes that the flakes dont come out of it anymore. 😐 :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

      1. Rati……………….that two nail polishes don’t fit in the dabba….give it to me…. :preen: :preen: :preen:

  2. All of them are such beauties….and you have applied them so neatly Rati :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: Khaki peridot and rouge noir…. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

  3. Such a nice collection.. in between a little calculation.. you have nail enamel for 17400 .. OMGGGGGGGGGGG.. awesome rati ji.. :woot: :woot: :woot: :quiet:

    1. Divya……isn’t that great :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1:. When you have to pick your shade in this Chanel range, you can easily refer back to this post and would have to spend only Rs. 1400….then….cool

          1. I mean so much respect…..only Sanjeevji calls me ji…… πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ and when Rati is really irritated with me she calls me jomolljeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :spank: :spank:

            1. not lying….she calls me Jomoljiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii when she wants to skin me alive…. :pan: :pan: :pan:

  4. :drool: :drool: :drool: thts all one cud do while goin thru the page..

    absolutely delightful Rati :)) :))
    treat nt jst fr the nails bt the eyes as well :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    loved Chanel Dragon and Rougue Noir the most :heart: :heart: :heart:

  5. graphite and peridot for me..simply gorgeous! i wonder how many times did you remove nail polish with remover to swatch all the shades πŸ˜›

  6. love them all….my fave is Chanel Particuliere….and i know i can’t carry peachy orange nail paint, Chanel June 539 Le Vernis, ever….else i’m :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: over all the others….
    btw rati, you clicked all pics in a single day kya? :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: i mean, you changed nail paint 12 times in a single day??? :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

  7. Rose cache and Peridot… :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I too wondered how many times you removed the nail polish!! Poor nails!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  8. Amazing collection Rati. I want almost all of it πŸ˜€ I thought those mint nail polish was from Chanel as well :methinks: was it from colorbar? :methinks: :methinks:

  9. OMG Im in lovee with the Chanel Particuliere :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    Im so gonna buy that :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    1. and you know SA told me that chanel wasn’t sure about particuliere when they launched it and that nail paint got sold off pretty quickly. It came to many stores across the world after many months of the launch coz they went out of stock of the color. πŸ˜€

  10. The orange and blue shimmery one luks great.. :jiggy1: :jiggy1: I have the black satin one. it was my first purchase from Chanel. As u said its not that much opaque and i am not very happy with it. :waaa: :waaa:

    1. BTW Me feeling heavily tempted to break into ur home n steal all the chanel, MAC, EL, CL and Jimmy Choo goodies.. :devil: :devil:

      1. oh yeah black satin is really gorgeous with two coats but yeah you can get a basic black nail paint in any brand. i like it. πŸ™‚

        hihihihih πŸ˜›

  11. Except “Chanel Peridot 531”, i like all other shades :love: :love: , good collections Rati..
    you applied very neatly all the 12 times :))

    1. at the moment i dont have the dupes vish. but mostly high end brads sell because of their unique shades. some of them would have the dupes and some of them may not have.

      lakme has one similar to blue satin.

  12. Rouge noir, black satin and pink :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: nice post Rati :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. Pretty pictures! :woot: :woot: :woot: I love Dragon and Blue Boy! Lovely colours. :love: :love:

    How long did it take you to apply and remove all those nail polishes? πŸ˜›

    1. jw. I worked on this from 8:30 am till 1 p.m with may be 15 min break in between. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Dragon you should check out sometime. You’d fall in love with it. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  14. OMG really ?? You have no idea Ive been looking for this nail paint for a very longg time..But could never get my hands on them πŸ™ Hopefully I find it this time ! :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  15. ZOMG………………………. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

  16. i liked all of them…….very pretty shades :love: :love: :love: but if i have to choose one amongst all,i would go with Peridot,, :drool: :drool: it’s such a unique color :woot: very nice and clean piccys Rati,it was a treat to watch them :specs: :specs:

  17. I LOVE all of it, esp metallic shades!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Rati, do they chip off easily or do they stay on well? Like would you need to put a top coat too? I have not tried OPI as yet too, but I heard OPI and Sally Hansen don’t chip off easily. All the other brands I’ve tried have disappointed me in this respect – how’s Chanel for nailpolishes? Is it worth it or like any other brand?

    1. nandini, chanel nail paints are toluene free. They stay on for 3-4 days without chipping and do not damage your nails at all. But you know I have recently started using a base coat and trust me it makes a world of a difference to the staying power of the nail paint. I dont use a top coat. πŸ˜€ never used opi πŸ™

      1. That’s awesome, I should definitely save up for a special shade from Chanel then! πŸ™‚ Really? For me, I’ve used Faces, Maybelline Colorama and Lakme and they ALL chip on the first day itself, so irritating! Base coat is also that transparent wala coat right?
        OPI’s supposed to be really awesome, and I saw the shades they have online, there are so many lovely spring ones!

  18. Awesome shades must say ! but 17000 bucks on nail paints !!!! :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  19. Bole to all shades are looking so crisp n neat coz of urnails
    n if u grow ur nails long how much more lovely wud they look :methinks:

  20. OMG Rati, fabulous, thanks for these swatches. I loved Blue Boy, Graphite, Peridot and the taupe one. Been looking for a taupe shade for a long time. Am loving nail polishes so much these days. :)) :))

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