12 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

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A loose hanging button or some stain or even a cut mark on your favorite pair of heels can be so disastrous for your outfit plans, right? But you need not go bananas because trust me, these fashion catastrophes are manageable. So whether you are already facing one such problem or are just preparing for any such disasters that may arise, read on through these life-saving fashion hacks, to never let any problem ruin your closet.
Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

1. Remove bobbles from clothes:  Have you ever had to throw away your sweater or other clothes because of piles on them made you think they have become old and cannot be worn again? Not anymore. Use a pumice stone or razor to get rid of pills on your favorite clothes.

2. Stretch shoes that are smaller:  You need not bear the pain of walking in a tight pair of shoes. Wear a thick pair of socks with the shoes and use a blow dryer to heat the tight spots. Heat the shoes until completely warm. This will stretch your shoes and help you fit into them easily.
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3. Wash cashmere sweaters:  Washing cashmere sweaters with a mild baby shampoo will help to keep your sweaters clean while avoiding any harm.

4. Prevent stretching of jeans:  This is one problem which we all have faced at some point. To prevent your pair of skinny jeans from stretching, never fold them while storing. Unfold any cuffs and hang them onto a hanger. Also, wash your jeans as less as you can. This will definitely save your jeans from stretching.

5. Refresh your jeans without washing: The words words “wash less” in the previous point must have left you wondering about how else to refresh your jeans, right? Put the jeans in a zipper bag and place it in the fridge for about 8 hours. This will kill any bacteria and leave your jeans smelling fresh.

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6. Removing makeup stains from clothes: Spray some shaving cream and rub it on the concerned area. Put it in a wash and the stain will be gone!

7. Seal gap between 2 buttons opening up: Sometimes, the gap between the buttons of your shirt can open up too much. If this happens, stick a two-sided tape in the gap. Remove it, button up and the gap will not show! You can also use this hack if you are not confident of wearing low neck-lines. Stick the tape between your skin and the dress, remove the tape and voila! You can carry your plunging neckline dress confidently.

8. Thread showing out of loose buttons: Paint 1 or 2 layers of a transparent nail polish over the thread. This will keep the buttons from coming out and also keep the thread from showing.

9. Fix a painful underwire:  If the underwire of your bra is poking out, cover it with a band-aid or scotch tape.

10. Soften a tee-shirt:  Regular washing and drying of clothes makes them really soft. Sometimes we wish our new clothes were as soft as the old ones. Keep your clothes soaked in a mixture of salt and water for about 2-3 days and they will feel smooth like your old ones.

11. Remove odor from shoes: A very common problem during summers is of smelly and stinky shoes. They can get so embarrassing! To remove any odor, put dry tea bags into your shoes and keep them sitting inside your shoes for about 3 days. The odor will go away. You can also put some baking soda in your shoes. Let it act overnight. And in the morning, the odor will be gone.
Remove odor from shoes

12. Remove sweat stains: Spray some lemon juice before you put your clothes in a wash. This will remove any sweat stains.
Remove stains from clothes

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  1. Hey Shreya those were really awesome hacks.I lovedddd all of them.I have a pair so shoes that pinch my toes a lot,i will be doing that hair dryer hack right away.Thanks a ton sweetheart for making my life easier with your hacks.

  2. Hi Neha!!!!!!!!
    Thank you soooo much 😀 The 4th one.. even I didn’t know that until a few days ago.. I learnt that in a Levis store from a CSA

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