12 Hair Care Myths Busted



Hi ladies,

Let’s bust some myths today that are attached with hair care in today’s post.

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1. Cutting hair will help it grow faster/thicker

How fast and thick your hair grows is determined by your genes, cutting hair will not make it grow faster or thicker. Regular trimming does remove split ends so your hair will probably look and feel thicker and healthier.

2. Stress is the main reason hair falls out

Stress can be a contributory factor to hair loss but it is not the only reason. You hair fall issue could be genetic, due to hormonal changes or could be because of any medication.

3. It is bad to brush hair when wet

That is because wet hair is at its weakest and highly vulnerable to damage and breakage. The best way to detangle hair after you shampoo and condition it is by using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb or pick. Try to avoid using a hairbrush until your hair is almost dry.

4. Colouring leads to greying of hair

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Colouring does not make your hair grey, nor does it aggravate an existing grey hair problem. Hair colour is applied on the scalp and hair colours don’t have the power to magically enter in the roots of your hair and change their colour.

5. Henna is a good conditioner for hair

If you are using natural henna leaves and preparing and grinding them at home then yes henna could be a great conditioner. Store brought henna powders are laden with chemicals; they only make your hair fragile and brittle with regular use.

6. Brushing your hair a lot makes it healthier

Too much brushing can actually cause breakage; it will activate your oil glands and make your hair greasier. Stick to only a few strokes with a gentle brush which will help move the natural oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

7. Use styling products on wet hair

The word you are looking for is damp and not dripping wet! When you apply your products to dripping wet hair, this will dilute your hair products and make them less effective. Air-dry your hair and apply the products when your hair becomes ‘damp’.

8. It is important to change hair care brands often

Hair doesn’t actually “get used to” anything! If you find something that works for you then stick to it. Period.

9. It is bad to wash hair frequently

washing hair

If you are using a gentle, good quality shampoo that is nourishing to your scalp and cleaning it well, then it doesn’t matter how often you shampoo your hair. Just do not rub your hair too vigorously while shampooing.

10. Hair fall is normal

Losing 60-100 strands a day is a part of the natural growth cycle. If you feel that your hair is falling at an alarming rate then there is no harm in consulting a dermatologist!

11. The best way to dry your hair is to towel-dry them

The best way to dry your hair is by using a cotton tee. It will soak up all the excess water from the hair, after which you can simply air-dry your hair. Towel drying your hair leads to damaged hair and also makes them frizzy.

12. Shampoos which don’t lather are not good

Most shampoo-lather is artificially created because of customer demand, not because it is needed for cleaning. The most commonly used foaming agents are cocamide DEA, MEA or TEA in shampoos. So if your shampoo does not lather well then it is probably free of above chemicals. So you take your pick!

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