12 Important Questions about Hair Care Answered!



Hi ladies,
In today’s post let’s talk about the most common hair queries and try to find their answers!
12 Important Questions about Hair Care Answered!

1. Should I wash my hair every day?

The frequency of washing our hair depends upon the amount of sebum our scalp produces and also on the kind of activities we do on a daily basis. Some people like to wash their hair every second or third day, some may do it every alternate day and some just like to do it every day! Although if you are washing frequently, go for an everyday mild shampoo which is pH balancing and is gentle on your hair and scalp.

2. Do shampoos make hair weak?

hair wash
Shampoos are meant to wash away the dirt and oil from the scalp and make it fresh and clean. If you are not rinsing your shampoo properly, that may make your hair weaker in the long run.

3. Does your diet has a relation with the quality of hair?

Yes, it has! If you are using all the best hair care products but your diet is not up to the mark then that will show! Achieving good hair health is an internal process. If you are having a balanced and nutritious diet, it will definitely show positive effects on your hair as well as on your skin.

4. Does hair colour on henna-coated hair last longer?

No that colour will not be able to penetrate your hair as henna already gives a coating to the hair. Hair colour on henna coated hair will not even show properly. Also, henna can make your hair look rough so using both at the same time may not be a great idea.

5. Do frequent haircuts help hair grow faster and thicker?

Haircuts give a neat look as they shape the hair and also take out the split-ends from the hair. Frequent haircuts cannot help your hair grow faster or thicker as thickness and texture of your hair is all natural and a mere haircut cannot change them.

6. Can split-ends be treated?

Split-ends cannot be treated. They can only be cut and trimmed on regular intervals to give hair a neat and polished look.

7. Do hair with split-ends ever grow?

Split ends are towards the ends but the hair grows from the scalp and not from the ends. Although, it is always advisable to keep a check on the split-ends to maintain hair’s overall health!

8. Can “split-end repair” shampoos fix split ends?

choosing the right shampoo
This is a sheer marketing gimmick. When your hair is split, the best way to go is to cut the split off! These kinds of shampoos can glue the splits together but this solution is temporary and also these shampoos can be quite drying for the hair.

9. Will I grow four to five strands of grey hair if I pluck one?

This one is completely baseless. If you are plucking one grey hair then you will only get one grey hair in return and rest of the hair strands are not affected by it.

10. Are dry scalp and dandruff the same things?

Dandruff and dry scalp are two different problems. People mistake dry scalp for dandruff as the symptoms in both the cases are same i.e. dry flakes! You will need intense moisturization if you have a dry scalp and you will need an anti-dandruff shampoo for your dandruff issues.

11. Are shampoo brand really that different or are they just overhyped?

Yes, they are quite different in terms of mild or clarifying, pH balancing or not, organic or silicone based and many more! You need to thoroughly analyse the issues of your scalp and then choose accordingly.

12. Is there a shampoo that will help my hair to grow faster?

long hair
If you want your hair to grow faster then you will need to change your lifestyle and incorporate foods that are rich in iron, zinc, folate and Omega 3. Shampoos can stop breakage of the hair and thereby strengthening but shampoos cannot make your hair grow faster.

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  1. Hi Vandana,very informative post. Thanks.
    I have a question.
    I just got my hair straightened few days back but it has not turned out perfect. It looks frizzy and rough on the top part. My hair stylist told she would do it again but is it safe?
    I have done straightening before but this has never happened.

    1. well that is like going through the same process again! would you really like to subject your hair strands to that same heat level again nat ?

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