12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have

Daily cleansing keeps our skin and hair perfect and that is the reason, our shower shelf is filled up with loads of products. With our busy and hectic lives, these fun smelling, cleansing products help us to relax and maintain healthy skin. My shower shelves are totally piled up with amazing products and most of the time, I pretty much get confused that which one should I use? But, do you have all the in-shower essentials? If not, let me make this very much easy for you. Keep scrolling and tick the ones you have. For the rest, you will have to do the thing that you totally love, SHOP! Let us get started.

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have

  1. Cleanse Your Hairs With Gentle Shampoos:

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have 2

Shampoos, okay I really do not have to elaborate on this because all of you know about it. But pick the right shampoo that your hair needs currently. Do a proper research about the product you plan to pick and use it for a good amount of time to get results. Also, try and keep a clarifying shampoo, which has to be used at least once in a week to clean up all the build-up that has been caused due to the use of the ample products for our hair.

  1. Layer Your Hair Up With Conditioners:

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We keep on switching from one conditioner to other. But it will be a wise idea, if you get the conditioner of the same range to pair up with the shampoo. Because that is the way, it will create synergistic effects and the combo will give you the results you want, quickly.

  1. Cleanse Your Skin With Bathing Goodies:

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have 4

I am a big time fan of shower gels and have at least 5-6 shower gels piled up on the bathroom shelf. Most of you might be using shower gels, while some of you stick to soaps. It is necessary to maintain a personal soap rather than sharing it with the family because that might lead to skin issues. I just love the fragrance the shower gels create in the shower area and that makes us relax and soothe our skin.

  1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Exfoliate:

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Most of the women just skip this step because it gets a bit tedious and take a good time to scrub the entire body. But, the skin gets exposed to sun-light, pollution, dirt and what not all the time. The shower gel or soap does not have the ability to clean this build-up, hence having a body scrub in the shower is more than a necessity. Weekly exfoliation helps you keep your skin clean and healthy. Also, issues like back acne and large pores for the body can be prevented if you invest in a good body scrub.

  1. Deep Conditioning Once A Week:

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Although conditioners help to repair and keep the hair healthy, the deep conditioning masks are a must have in the shower. They penetrate really deep into the hair strands and repair them quicker. The results with deep conditioning treatments are totally noticeable. Hence, you need to totally get one if you do not have it.

  1. Wrap Yourself With A Bath Robe:

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Women have a habit of wrapping themselves up in a towel while stepping out from the shower, but the neck and the hands are ignored at those times. It is a really bad habit to rub the skin with towel thinking that you would clean it very effectively and it would look bright, but doing this you are damaging your skin. Hence, a robe will absorb all the excessive water from your skin leaving your skin fresh to be layered with the body lotion. Using a bath-robe will help you skip that rubbing part and to maintain healthy skin through out.

  1. Scrub Your Body With A Loofah:

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have 8

The shower gels and the soaps are very gentle as far as cleansing is concerned. A shower gel can perform at its best, when it is combined with a good loofah. That is how it causes a foamy lather and cleans you skin efficiently. Invest in a good loofah, which is soft enough and would not hurt your skin because the hard net might give rashes if not correctly used.

  1. Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair With Shave Gels and Razors:

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have 9

It is totally witty to keep few razors and shave gels in your shower.  You never know, when you may come across instances, where you will have no time to wax. A quick shave can help you get rid of all the unwanted hair and give you silky smooth skin. For even silkier skin and to avoid nicks and cuts, a shave gel or a foaming shave wash is a must. Using these will help you to get a better and a long lasting shave. The main tip would be, do not use any one else’s razors, have one of your own! Also, invest in a good quality razor and maintain different razors for skin and pubes.

  1. Clean Your Face Along With Your Body:

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have 10

I have a habit to keep a face wash in the shower because you can clean the face at the very same time. It proves to be very convenient and easy to just pump out a little face wash and get all cleaned up. Now, many of you may think, why can not we use a face wash separately, outside shower? The reason being that we shampoo and condition our hair, after washing them, a lot of chemicals come in contact with the face. To get rid of all those chemicals, it is a must to use a face wash, so that you have squeaky clean face.

  1. Cover Your Hair With A Shower Cap:

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Washing hair daily makes the hair dull and brittle, day by day. So on those days, when you want to take a shower and do not want to wash your hair, you need a shower cap. Keeping a clean shower cap is very necessary and try washing or changing your shower caps from time to time.

  1. Detangle Your Hair With A Hair Brush:

12 In-shower Essentials Every Woman Should Have 12

Wondering why keep a hair brush in your shower? Women have a habit to remove the hair clip or a rubber tie from their hair in the shower to wash their hair. That hairstyle has been kept for a while and may develop kinks and knots. These kinks and knots lead to a lot of tugging and pulling, which causes a lot of breakage during shampooing. Hence, this habit must be maintained to comb the hair with a hair brush before shampooing, which will help you save some strands while washing the hair.

  1. Intimate Wash, A Total Necessity:

A lot of women will not have this in their shower, but let me tell you this is much more than a necessity. Get a soothing intimate wash to clean your private area, daily. A small tip would be to use the intimate wash at the end after shampooing your hair and after using the shower gel. The reason being, these products contain a lot of chemicals and fragrances, which might cause infections near the genital area. Get one to prevent such infections!

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  1. such a wonderful article … This have all except bathrobe n shower cap … need to get one …. didn’t actualy knew the use of bathrobe .. silly me … will definitely get one … thanku saloni

    1. Thanks a lot Nazimaaa… 🙂 yes it is true that most of the people miss out on bath robes.. and let me tell you one more thing.. in case you wanna apply a lotion or wanna blow dry your hair.. your towel won’t fall off and you will feel secured in a bathrobe lol 🙂 😛

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