12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

Though menstrual cycle is a sign of healthy female body but still when it knocks on our door we feel anything but healthy. It gifts every girl with at least one problem like mood swings, terrible breakouts or painful cramps. And to make it worse we treat period as something that doesn’t exist and feel too embarrassed to admit or talk about it even in case of emergency. We try to come up with creative strategy every month to hide this unspoken truth from the world. The funniest thing is we treat sanitary napkins like bomb while carrying it to washroom or buying a packet from the shop. Some of these things and attitude will take time to change but you can definitely make you period life bit easy with these following hacks:

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1) Good news for red wine lovers. Prostaglandins, the culprit we curse every time when we get those painful cramps. It is actually a hormone like compound which causes cramps during that time of month. Recently, in a study conducted on rats revealed that resveratrol helps in reducing uterine contractions which is caused by the elevated levels of prostaglandins. Red wine contains resveratrol and therefore, half a glass of red wine will keep you miles away from cramp. Well periods will not be that bad for us if we get red wine as medicine 😉

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know red wine

2) Do You Forget Your Period Dates Often? Download app on your mobile which will keep track of your period dates. These apps also predict your next period date and will remind you before the 2 days. They are many apps and most of them are free. So do give it a try and save yourself from the stress.

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know app

3) If you think that taking that bomb (read sanitary napkin) to washroom is going to be difficult for you then paste one sanitary napkin over another. Use thin sanitary napkins for your comfort and this is also useful on heavy flow days.

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know13

4) If you’re wondering how to take that pad to bathroom without anyone noticing it then use a dry non transparent small plastic bottle or travel mugs. Fold your pad and insert it inside the bottle and carry it to your destination confidently. People around you may find it weird but nobody will know the reason for your emergency visit to washroom.

5) Do you know why ugly pimples adorn our face especially during that time? One of the reasons is our face becomes more oily. Use products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to exfoliating your skin. This will help to remove excess oil and will give you at least 2-3 less pimples than the usual numbers.

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know pimple

6) According to a recent research, you can almost vanish all your period problems by consuming 1200mg of calcium daily.

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know calcium

7) If you’re that girl who needs to drink 4-5 mugs of coffee a day then you really need to cut on your caffeine intake to minimize the pain.

8) Do you feel too lazy and tired always during your period? To feel active you need to consume 46 grams of proteins daily. Protein gives you more alertness and energy than sugar.

9) Avoid salt as much as possible 2-3 days before your period to avoid bloating.

10) If you have trouble sleeping at night because of cramps then expert says, lavender essential oil can help you to sleep well at night. Just drop few drops on your pillow before sleeping and have a good night sleep.

11) An aromatherapy tactic to ease your pain – 2 drops of lavender + one drop of clary sage oil + one drop of rose + 1 teaspoon of almond oil mix them all together in a bowl and massage your abdominal with these combination.

12) Keep dark chocolates always inside your bag. We lose heaps of magnesium when we bleed and dark chocolate help in regaining our magnesium level.

12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know dark chocolate

Hope these hacks make your period life at least bearable and pain free. What are the things that annoy you about period? Also, do you have any period hacks to share with us?

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10 thoughts on “12 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know!

    1. Hello Bhawana, thank you so much for your feedback:) I use “My Calendar” app…you may also try it …its good and looks cute :-p 😀

    1. Hello Mansi, Thank you so much for reading my post 🙂 hahaha bomb under bomb… that will become nuclear bomb then :-p I don’t know what I am saying ….forgive me for that :-p 😀

  1. Try menatrual cups, they are awesome. U’ll forget you are on your period. There are few sites that sell them too, and educate women on the same. There is a fb group too (sustainable menstruation India) which has tons of info and experience sharing. Initial coat may be high, but you won’t need to buy any disposable products at all. Would be good if imbb can do a post on the cups, the word will reach lot of women.

    1. Thanku for d tips about periods.. I must try becoz i face lots of pblms..i hv lot of pain on dat days.. Thanku sooooo muchhhh

  2. I do not have any problem which you have mention above but in menstrual cycle every month I feel that it’s bleed properly only on 2nd & 3rd day of cycle (3rd day lesser then 2nd day) not even 1st or 4th day & I feel it should be bleeding properly atleart 3 to 4 days, I went to gynaecologist then she said it’s ok it happens but I don’t know why I feel this is not correct. Please help me out if you can suggest me something to do.

    1. Hey Nisha,
      I have similar periods like you,i also only bleed properly on the 2nd n 3rd day.But keep on spotting till 5th.You can try Dabur Ashokarisht.Its my tried n tested formula.It helps me in getting proper bleeding since day 1,n by day 4 all clear.I dont keep on spotting and additional benefit is no cramps or pain in abdomen.Plus its ayurvedic so no side effects too.You can give it a try..?

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