12 Reasons People Get Wrinkles and How to Avoid Them

Hi ladies,

In today’s post let’s find out some of the prominent causes of getting wrinkles and how you can avoid them.


1. Too Much Sun Exposure:


Too much sun exposure, can leave you look a lot older than you actually are, as the harmful UV rays of the sun break down the elastin and collagen of the skin which is responsible for keeping our skin flexible. So, cover yourself up as much as you can and don’t forget sunscreen with broad spectrum for overall protection.

2. Drinking:

Alcohol can dehydrate our skin and if you drink quite often, then that constant lack of hydration will make your skin lose its elasticity. So, do everything but in moderation!

3. Smoking:

Smoking restricts blood flow to your skin, making it tough for skin cells to get the oxygen and nutrients they need to stay healthy and regenerate. Also, cigarette smoke breaks down the skin’s elastin which can make you age at a young age.

4. Gender:

So, this is definitely not in your hands. Women are more susceptible to wrinkles than men because we have fewer sweat glands and less oily skin than men. Less oily skin wrinkles much faster than skin that is saturated with sebum. It is unfair, I know!

5. The Way You Sleep:


Sleeping with the same side of your face pressed against the pillow all the time, can cause prominent under-eye wrinkles and creasing n your face. So try to switch sides as much as you can and invest in a silk pillow.

6. Stress:


Prolonged emotional stress accelerates various aging processes because of secretion of stress hormones such as Cortisol and adrenaline. So, no matter how hard life may seem, try to look at brighter side of things.

7. Too much sugar:


Your sweet tooth can gift you with premature aging of your skin and wrinkles as having processed sugar can break down collagen in your skin which can make your skin lose its elasticity.

8. Aging:

This is the most obvious cause of wrinkles because as we age, the collagen and elastin that support our skin breaks down which in turn gives us wrinkly and loose skin.

9. Free Radicals:

Free radicals develop in our system, if our skin has been influenced with constant sun exposure, air pollution, and smoking. They break down collagen and damage our skin cells and give us nasty wrinkles in the process.

10. Genetics:

This is also another thing that you can’t really change. If your mom developed wrinkles at an early age, then chances are you will develop them too. You can definitely take good care of your skin but somethings are just not in your control.

11. Lack of sleep:

When we are deep asleep at night, our body secretes various hormones, which repair our skin tissues and keep it looking nice and firm. Your prolonged lack of sleep can accelerate the process of aging and can give your wrinkles at an early age.

12. Poor Nutrition:


We are what we eat! Whatever we eat, it shows on our body and our skin. So having too much of processed foods, junk foods and not eating healthy in the long run will definitely have the negative effect on your body as well as your skin. So having a balanced diet with all the nutrients and minerals is essential for good and healthy skin.

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