12 Tips to Keep Acne and Pimples at Bay Forever

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

When we are young and growing up, hormonal changes lead to acne and pimples. And, they seem very normal at that age. But, what if you keep getting pimples even when you are much older? Acne and pimples after your teenage is a trouble and show the faults in your lifestyle. So here are 12 tips that you can easily follow to keep acne and pimples at bay forever.


1. Sleep on a clean pillowcase

A long beauty sleep is not enough anymore. You need to sleep on a hygienic bed where your sheets and pillowcases are always clean. Keep them sanitised and change them often.

2. Wash your face multiple times


A lack of hygiene on your face clearly leads to nasty pimples and acne. Any accumulated dirt or oil will clog your pores and affect your skin. To keep it clean, try to splash water on your face multiple times a day especially if you tend to stay out a lot or sweat a lot.

3. Stop stressing

Stress will always reflect on your face. It is believed that breakouts are one of the most common results of stress. So, don’t over stress yourself and keep your chin high with a positive and optimistic spirit.

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4. Stop popping unnecessary medicines

Did you know that sometimes medicines can become a major cause of breakouts? So, don’t over-do your medicine consumption. They can cause serious health complications or permanent acne and pimples.

5. Avoid too much alcohol

Alcohol should never be overdone. Limit your alcohol consumption to only once a month. Alcohol has unnecessary heat in them which can lead to breakouts.

6. Keep yourself hydrated


Regular intake of water will not only keep your hydrated but will flush out all the toxins too. Ensure that you consume ample amounts of water every skin day. This will not only clear out your skin but will add a natural radiance too.

7. Avoid junk food

Junk food can be tempting and hell tasty, but even then it’s not healthy at all. So avoid junk food because the extra oil and spices will result in nasty breakouts on your face.

8. Go for detoxification

Detoxification is extremely important for a healthy skin. It’s best that you begin your day with a warm glass of lemon water as it will keep your skin’s pH level in check. Result: a healthy skin that’s clear and smooth.

9. Exercise


Exercise is extremely important for a healthy skin and body. Sweating removes toxins from your skin while clearing out the pores. It also adds a nice glow and keeps your skin young.

10. Avoid excessive sugar

Foods which are high in sugar content are not at all healthy for a good, clean skin. Sugar and dairy products are known to aggravate acne and pimple.

11. Remove your makeup

This is the golden rule to have a healthy skin. You should never sleep with your makeup on. It doesn’t matter how exhausted you are or how late it is, you must remove your makeup before hitting the bed.

12. Sleep peacefully

Last but not the least, sleep peacefully. A good night’s sleep can solve all your beauty troubles. Your body detoxifies and relaxes when you have a good sleep pattern, and this healthy habit will show on your face.

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