13 Shocking Royal Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

By Chanchala Bose

Hi beauties,

I am sure some time or the other you might have become smitten by the flawless skin of royal beauties. Be it Princess Elizabeth or Lady Diana, all of them seem to be drop dead gorgeous. So, what was the secret behind that beautiful royal skin? How do royal beauties, like Kate Middleton, even today still manage to look so stunning? Let’s read about the royal beauty secrets of these royal beauties. I am sure some of these are really bizarre but that’s how they used to get their beauty.

royal beauty secrets

1. Yeast for pimples

It might be shocking to hear that even royal beauties were not immune to acne and breakouts. But what they used to do will shock you. They use to apply a mixture of dry yeast and lemon on the problematic area. This paste dries out a pimple and gives a flawless complexion in short time.

2. Bird Poop

An ancient beauty secret from Japan. Mix a portion of bird poop with rice bran and water. Poop is extremely rich in urea and guanine which will give you stubble glow and flawless complexion in no time.

3. Whitening face pack


Queen Elizabeth I used to apply this face pack to maintain the whiteness of her skin which later made her popular as the “Virgin Skin Queen”. She used to apply milk, white lead and vinegar.

4. Bad smells

Royal beauties used to spray perfume on their gloves to prevent any untoward smell.

5. Litchi bath


Chinese empress Yang Yuhuan used to take litchi baths. Litchi is extremely rich in phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and vitamin C. With long litchi baths your skin will remain soft and glowing.

6. Floral face pack


This is a face pack made with different floral extracts and pearls. Imagine the kind of richness which the face pack will have. Many empresses from Asia used to prep their skin with this face pack.

7. Nighttime Routine

Applying egg on the face 30 minutes prior to sleeping used to be an everyday night time routine for empress Wu Zetian. This would give her tight, refined and glowing face in the morning.

8. Face rollers

Chinese royal beauties used to massage their face first thing in the morning. They would use jade rollers which ensured smooth blood flow and also prevented enlarged pores appearance.

9. Removal of unwanted hair


Unlike present days when we have expert salon services to get rid of facial hair, in ancient Babylonia facial hair was removed by using a rough pumice stone.

10. Stay in shape

A few queens used to eat a special kind of tapeworm called slimy tapeworm which used to eat all fats from their body. But later it was found out that this was very harmful and this practice was banned even in those days.

11. Arsenic

Do you know queens used to drink arsenic to give their face a gorgeous glow and radiance? No wonder it shortened their lifespans too.

12. Arabic queens

They used to love the sleek straight hair look. So, they used to apply camel urine on their hair to get that polished look which we all see in the pictures now.

13. Rich red colour for the lips


Elizabeth I used to kill special kind of red bug and apply its blood as a lip color. That’s how red became the favourite blood red colour for lips.

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