13 Tips and Tricks from Charlotte Tilbury

Hi ladies,

Here are some exclusive tips and tricks from the British makeup expert Charlotte Tilbury, for that perfect makeup application every time.


1. Vaseline is your best friend:


Vaseline is the most underrated product. Always have a pot of Vaseline handy in your bag for that perfect kissable pout.

2. Apply blush strategically:


For a more youthful look, apply the color high up on the cheekbones and blend well for that flush of colour. For an English Rose, healthy pop of color apply blush to the apples of the cheeks to get the look.

3. For defined cheekbones:

Suck in your cheeks and follow the hollow of the cheekbone using the sculpt shade with a tapered brush for that precise application.

4. Invest in Your Brushes:


You can’t really achieve that flawless finish, with just your fingers. Invest in good quality makeup brushes. Don’t compromise on the quality, as good brushes will last you really long if you’ll take care of them well.

5. Apply foundation with a brush:


Take some foundation at the back of your hand and dip your brush in! Start from the centre of your face and sweep it between the eyes and outwards, blending by going backwards and forwards. It will help to give you a flawless application of your foundation.

6. Use a three-dot constellation method for filling in eyebrows:

Charlotte says, “Lean an eyebrow brush next to your nose. Take it straight to the tip of your eyebrow and make a mark. This is where the eyebrow should begin. Hold it diagonally across the eyeball, and make another dot for your arch. Make your third dot a horizontal line with where your eye ends. Fill them in to create the perfect arch ending”.

7. Only use two shades for J Lo-inspired contouring:


Take your darker shade and apply it with a contour brush. Suck in your cheeks and go where the natural shade hits. Use the same shade on your jaw line area and onto your temples. For highlighting, make a C-shape from your brow bone to the top of your cheeks. Also, don’t forget to highlight the inner corners of your eyes too.

8. Always use a lip liner:


Most of us don’t really use lip liner and juts go for beautiful shades of lipsticks. If you are looking for flawless lipstick application and fuller looking pout, then using a lip liner underneath is the easiest option.

9. Don’t ignore the corners of your lips:


Most ladies like to apply lipsticks from the centre of the lips to the corners but she advises otherwise! To apply lipstick, start from the corner (instead of the centre) and go left to right and right to left. For the bottom, apply it from the corner to the centre (from both sides).

10. You only need to pump the mascara wand in the tube once:


Double dipping will put too much products on the wand, which is not required and will also destroy your mascara. Also, remember to comb your lashes multiple times before applying mascara. If you want really thick lashes then go for 3-4 layers of mascara.

11. End your cat eye at your outer lash corner:

Make a dot, where you want the flick to end and then connect to the outer corner. This method will make your eyes look wide apart and will give them a more balanced look.

12. For younger-looking eyes:

Curl your lashes and use a nude pencil along the waterlines, to naturally brighten and open the eyes. Apply eyeliner along the top lash line and flick out at the outer corners into a feline eye, ending 2mm from the outer edge of the eye. Finish with layers of mascara.

13. For that perfect feline look:


Make sure to use a sharp eyeliner pencil. Start by filling and drawing a ‘V’ shape in the inner corner of your eye then drag your pencil along the top of the lash line three quarters of the way along. Look in the mirror and mark a point where you want the flick to be at its most pronounced, then you can begin to lift the line and use the point to guide your liner into a feline ‘V’ shape.

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