14 Day Japanese Diet Chart For Effective Weight Loss

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There are a number of diet plans available that claim to help with weight loss, ranging from 3 days span to 30 days. While some are super effective, others are not. The Japanese diet plan is quite popular across the world and promises to show great results. It allows you to lose around eight kilos and the effect lasts long after you stop dieting. It is also a very affordable plan and you need to consume easily available ingredients, but the plan is strict and you need to be mentally prepared for it. Once you start dieting, you cannot take cheat days. You cannot add any salt or sugar to your food. Here is a Japanese diet plan with menus. Give it a try and you won’t regret.

14 Day Japanese Diet Chart For Effective Weight Loss

Day 1:

  • For breakfast – one cup of natural coffee without sugar/green tea without any sugar.
  • For lunch – boiled cabbage or lettuce salad, dressed with olive oil plus two hard-boiled eggs. Drink it with fresh tomato juice or a tomato.
  • For dinner – fish fillet steamed, boiled or broiled. Add some lettuce salad if you want to.

Day 2:

  • For breakfast – Black coffee with a whole wheat toast.
  • For lunch – 250 gm of steamed fish with cabbage/vegetable salad. You can use vegetable oil dressing.
  • For dinner – boiled or grilled chicken meat with a cup of low fat milk or low fat yogurt.

Diet chart for weight loss

Day 3:

  • For breakfast – coffee.
  • For lunch – Cut a large zucchini into pieces and fry it with little butter.
  • For dinner – two boiled eggs and 200g of boiled chicken. Also add some cabbage salad dressed with vegetable oil.

Day 4:

  • For breakfast – Coffee.
  • For lunch – One boiled egg and 3 boiled carrots.
  • For dinner – a medium sized bowl full of non-sweet fruits.

Diet chart for slim body

Day 5:

  • For breakfast – Raw carrot juice smoothie with lemon
  • For lunch – 250 g steamed fish with a raw tomato
  • For dinner – 200g of fruit.

Day 6:

  • For breakfast – coffee.
  • For lunch – Boiled chicken 200g (do not add salt). Have it with cabbage and carrot salad in olive oil.
  • For dinner – two boiled egg and cabbage/carrot salad.

Japanese Diet Chart For Effective Weight Loss

Day 7:

  • For breakfast – green tea without sugar.
  • For lunch – boiled chicken about 200 gm, a small bowl full of fruits.
  • For dinner – Any choice from the previous days except the third day.

Repeat the same routine for the next week, that is for another 7 days. Consult your dietician to start on this diet. The diet will be sugar free and tough, but the results will be “sweet” and surely make you happy.

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