14 Gifts Your Girl Best Friends will Actually Love

By Pallavi Mahendra

Every few days one of our friends have their birthdays, anniversaries, or some or the other function. We get so excited that we’ll get to meet our friends and close ones, spend quality time with them, catch up on all the things we missed out, and how we women love to gossip! What gets us even more excited is that we’ll get to wear our new clothes and flaunt those accessories. But it can get stressful when it comes to gifting. So, here’s a list of gifts your girlfriends will totally love!

14 Gifts Your Girl Best Friend will Actually Love

1. An eyeshadow palette: If your friend loves doing makeup or just has a thing for collecting makeup products, then this is definitely the gift to go for.

2. Phone case: In today’s tech savvy world, we all use at least one phone. So give your friend a cover. All of us need protection.


3. Mugs: They make a great gift, especially in different colors and designs. They come with different quotes and patterns too, and can be used in various ways. For example, a mug can make a great make-up brush holder or pen stand.

4. Planner: Carrying an actual planner is so 2000. They may not be used by your friends anymore but diaries surely make a great show piece for an office desk and will be a very unexpected gift.

5. Manicure/pedicure kits: Imagine the happiness on your own face if you’d receive one for your birthday! Now think of your friend when you’d give it to her. Got butterflies, right?

best friends bracelet

6. Customized bangle or bracelets: Customize silver or even a fake bangle with their name initials on it. It will make a great gift. Moreover it will make your friend feel really special. I would if someone did this for me. You can do the same with bracelets.

7. Tank tops: They aren’t very expensive and she can always pair one with denims or skirt, and look chic.

8. Art décor: A painting or a glittery addition to the gallery wall makes an outstanding gift. There are many such items available in the market and you’ll have a variety of pieces to choose from.

women necklace

9. A necklace: Go for the paired necklaces with a heart divided into two pieces, give one to her and keep one with you. It makes a great symbol of friendship. She would be taken aback if you carry one with you the next time you see her.

10. Coasters: Perfect for the season full of champagnes. There are many trendy ones available at gift shops, she will psyched to receive a set of these.

11. Drinking game: Spin the bottle is old school. Games like chess and ludo also come with a drinking set. These make a very classy gift and are also great for just displaying in the sitting room.

a day at spa

12. A day at spa: Surprise her by giving her a gift voucher of a day at spa, such coupons are easily available online. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing massage!

13. Movie collection: A set of DVDs or her all time favorite movie like may be DDLJ. Romantic movies make a great gift and every time she watches that movie, she’ll be reminded of you.

birthday cake

14. Sweets: It’s needless to say that chocolates are the most effortless gift. One could always go for handmade chocolates with a fancy packing or you could give it your own touch. What’s even better? You could bake a cake and gift your friend one with all the love poured in it. I do it all the time for my friends. But don’t go overboard because friends can be very demanding sometimes and every Sunday you’ll end up baking one on their demand. LOL.

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