14 Lipstick Hacks That Will Change Your Life

By Chanchala Bose

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Lipsticks are gaining so much popularity as compared to other makeup products. Lipsticks are turning out to be a staple in everyone’s stash. But, wearing a lipstick regularly is a hell lot of a task. Moisturising and prepping your lips and then re-applying are a must when you use a matte lipstick.

how to apply lipstick

So, have a look at some of the lipstick hacks that will change your life drastically.

14 Lipstick Hacks That Will Change Your Life:

1. Translucent Powder Trick:
After applying a lipstick, apply a translucent powder to the sides. This will ensure that you have a neat look and the lipstick will not smudge and bleed outside your lips.

2. Apply a Lip Primer:
Apply a lip primer before you apply a lip balm. This will increase the intensity of the colour and your lip colours will also be prevented from bleeding.

3. Re-applying Trick:
When you are re-applying your lipstick, always begin from the ends. This will ensure that your finish is neater.

4. Foundation Brush Hack:
You can use your foundation brush to get that rich diffused look.

5. Use Vaseline for Soft Lips:
Some matte lipsticks are really difficult to remove. So, what you can do is that dab a bit of Vaseline on the tissue paper. This will ensure that your lipstick gets removed and your lips will also remain soft.

6. Prevent Lipstick Staining:
Keeping the lipstick off your teeth is very important as it can affect your look. So, put a finger in between your mouth and drag it out. This will help in preventing the lipstick staining your teeth and there will be a good distance between your lips and the teeth.

7. Eyeshadow Lipstick:
If you are the one who uses an eyeshadow and wants them to use it as your lipstick, here comes an opportunity. Once your eye shadow is broken, put them inside a lipstick container and then mix the remains of the eyeshadow with a lip balm. And your eyeshadow lipstick is all ready to apply.

8. Concealer Brush Hack:
You can use your concealer brush to get that perfect precise application of the lipstick.

9. Natural Colour of the Lips:
If you are suffering from the issue of too much of yellow or pink lips because of which the natural colour of your lips changes you should start using this trick. Apply a translucent powder in the beginning and then apply the lipstick. This way you will have a neutral base to work on.

10. Never Skip Lip Liners:

Soften your lip liner with your fingertip before you apply it. This will give a very natural and diffused look.

11. Prevent Lipstick Melting:
In case you have broken your lipstick just melt it at the ends and you can your lipstick again.

12. Hair Spray Hack:
Have you ever tried of using a hair spray to remove your lip stains? Well, try it. This is the best remedy for the lip stains.

13. Make your Lips Look Fuller:
You can also make your lips appear bigger by applying the darker shade all over your lips including the outer lines and you can even go a bit beyond your lips. And then apply the lighter shades in the middle of your lips. This creates a gradient 3D effect on your lips.

14. Make your Lip Color Pop-up:
You can also pop up your lipstick and make them appear a bit brighter by using a concealer.

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