14 Most Searched Beauty Questions Answered!

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We all have doubts about various skin issues and the products that we are using on a daily basis. Let’s find out answers to the most frequently asked beauty questions in today’s post.

Most Searched Beauty Questions Answered

1. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

I think we have come to the realization now that chemical-laden shampoos do no good to our hair. They strip our hair of natural oils and in turn make them dull and lifeless. You should wash your hair not more than twice a week and you can use dry shampoo to go longer between the washes.

2. Does rubbing a moisturizer into skin cause wrinkles?

No, massaging only does good to your skin by improving the circulation in your facial area. Although you must rub the moisturizer in circular upward motions.

3. Can split ends be repaired?

Split ends can be trimmed on a regular basis for healthier hair growth, but you can’t really get rid of them completely. Some shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments work great but the effects are mostly temporary.

4. “I have unwanted hairs above my lip. Will they grow back thicker if I pluck them?”

Red lips

No, they do not! Just numb the area with an ice cube for three minutes before, and pluck in the direction the hair growth.

5. What is the effective way to reduce wrinkles?

Try peptide creams. They penetrate the skin deep within and plump up collagen to give a face more youthful look and to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

6. Is there anything I can do to get rid of dandruff?

You can get shampoos with zinc and ketoconazole in them. They are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents which will give your scalp relief and diminish dandruff.

7. How often do I need to wash my makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes

Ideally, you can wash your makeup brushes once a month. Use warm, soapy water, rinse them. Blot the brushes with a clean towel. You can also blow-dry to dry the bristles gently.

8. Can I use a loofah on a breakout?

No, as vigorous rubbing with a loofah can make acne worse.

9. Can I mix products without compromising their effectiveness?

Yes , you can safely mix your moisturizer with retinoid creams. But mixing the sunscreen with any other cream can lose effectiveness of SPF by diluting it.

10. How would I know if my skin has cool or warm undertones?

If the veins on your wrist show through blue-purple, that means cool tones and if they are more on the green side then they are warm. If you know your undertones, then it becomes easier to choose flattering lipstick shades. Warm undertones gel up with orangey reds, while cool pairs best with blue-based reds.

11. How many times a day should I be washing my face?

Twice a day is fine to wash your face and to get rid of all the dirt and impurities. Use a gentle cleanser on your face that suits your skin type and use a scrub twice or thrice a week according to your skin’s needs.

12. What’s the order for applying different products?

Most Searched Beauty Questions Answered

Start by cleansing then using toner or a wipe, a serum followed by SPF cream or a lotion.  For makeup, reach for your foundation first, then concealer, then powder and then finish off with a blush.

13. Does shaving make your hair grow back darker or coarser?

Shaving cuts the hair from the surface only and not from the roots. So, it produces blunt ends. These blunt ends may be thicker than natural ends, but shaving does not make hair grow darker or coarser.

14. Does honey cause greying of hair?

Honey is a simple form of sugar. You can consume it, use it in hair masks, face masks, etc. But excess use of honey can sometimes cause signs of aging like greying of hair or wrinkles. If you apply honey topically over your scalp, it will not change the colour of your hair to grey or white.

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