15 Best Streetwear Lip Glosses

Best Streetwear Lip Glosses

Recently I saw some glosses from Streetwear on sale, in Central, I picked up a few, but I really did think to myself, these look good enough for a lip gloss, and most gloss lovers would love it for this cost, hence this post came to my mind, I am sharing some amazing glosses at an even better price from Streetwear, if you can locate them, do try them.

Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Frosted Lilac

Price: 235

Street Wear Colour Rich Lip Gloss is ranks high on colour and glamour. It leaves your lips looking gorgeous and shine that stays on for long. Apart from giving glam colour to your lips, it also moisturizes them so that they don’t get dry even hours after application


Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss: Rose Petal

The shade rose petal is a peachy pink colour with very light silver shimmers in it. It comes in a transparent tube with a black cap which is made up of a very poor quality plastic. Once it fell down from my hand and the cap broke from the sides.


Streetwear Lip Gloss Rose Shimmer

The lip gloss comes in a sturdy travel friendly plastic transparent cylindrical bottle,with a silver colored cap attached a doe foot applicator to it. The transparency of the bottle makes it easy to identify the shade.The smell of the gloss is so sweet and almost smells like a candy. The gloss is neither too opaque nor too transparent it falls in between,and the pigmentation it offers wont cover the pigmented lips,so lip liner or lipstick is a must to cover pigmented lips.


StreetWear Lip Gloss – Smooch

The color is kind of a light peachy nude and I can wear it with anything and anywhere, but I am cautious of wearing it outside


Streetwear Sheer Temptation Lip Gloss-Hot Choci

True to its name, it’s a brown chocolate colour. Not the deepest of brown though. It will suit all skin tones. The gloss is much pigmented and shall colour even the pigmented lips. I am impressed with the pigmentation of these glosses. The last one which I reviewed also scored high marks on the colour pay off


Streetwear Sheer Temptation Outrageous Orange Lip Gloss

It is a nice peachy pink shade. Coral lovers should definitely get one of these. The best part is the colour payoff, glosses generally are not very pigmented, but with this gloss, I can actually see the coral pink shade being transferred to my lips. It has subtle shimmers in it which give a nice glossy shine to the lips.


Street Wear Lip Gloss 48 Lavender

It is a beautiful nud-ish coral shade. The color shall look amazing with smokey eyes and it is such which can be carried easily by all age groups alike. Also, it shall be flattering for most skin tones. The color has subtle shimmer in it which provides sheen to the lips, never looks OTT.


Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Choco Bloom

The shade is a lights mauve one with a good opaqueness which covers the pigmentation on lips.Consistency is very sticky and soon dries out the lips. When reapplied over and over it forms a white cast on lips.The gloss does not glide on smoothly on lips ,some effort is required to spread it on the lips. Staying power is very poor , It stays 1-1.5 hours without eating and with eating disappears within half and hour. The good thing about the gloss is that it does not contain any shimmer in it, so can be wore during day time also


Street Wear Shine Divine Lip Colour – Glimmer Pink

On dusky skin, the colour is too light and can make you look washed out. But on lighter skin, it looks surprisingly natural. My mom has thin lips and is much lighter, this looks like an everyday lip colour for her and is one of her go-to lip colours.


Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Pink Desire

The texture is similar to other lip-glosses except I find this a little less sticky. My hair doesn’t stick to it like fevicol base unlike the Maybelline and the Lakme ones. But it’s still not any good, as it hardy stays till I go out and my hair blows cause of the wind. The maximum staying power is about an hour after which there is no trace or tint left behind.


Streetwear Mineral Lip Gloss-Mulberry Dip

It is highly pigmented. It does not bleed which is one feature I have seen common in all Streetwear lippies. The texture is smooth buttery and soft. It gets applied evenly all over the lip. The smell is very mild. I am quite happy with this since some lip glosses smells like rotten fruit jam. The color is very appropriate for this stark winter. It looks really soothing on the lips. It can be used both as a day wear and a night wear too.


Streetwear Lip Gloss – Sunset

The gloss is named ‘sunset’ is absolutely a thumps up color, as going with name it suits perfect for the evening hangouts, the color is a mid shade of brick color and a slightly brownish in tone, as the young girls do not generally go with the brown color on their lips, this color is a win win amongst them as this shades is truly wondrous in nature. The best part of this color is its non –sticky nature which does not give any irritation and unlike some gloss it is not chapped.


Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk

The shade is really nice. It’s a cross between red and pink and comes translucent on the lips. A good shade, especially to top up your lipstick. The doe-foot applicator is very handy, but I have got one complaint; the smell. It smells a little like plastic. It’s not overpowering and it goes away in about ten seconds, but it’s rather unpleasant.


Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Bashful

The gloss is sticky- not too much but, yes, it is sticky. It bleeds too. Being a plain gloss I cannot wear it on my lips alone. You don’t know- it is with very heavy heart that I have put a pic of plain gloss on my lips, just for the sake of the review.


Street Wear Shine Divine Lip Color – Brown Spark and Peachy Crème

A great range of lip color that promises ‘high shine’ in seconds for the woman on the go It provides instant moisture to the lips with super longevity. Offers shimmer and shine.



They are still around and on sale, these can look glam on top of lipsticks and these creme like shine divine lip colors is what I am looking for currently 🙂

StreetWear Lip Gloss – Smooch
Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss: Rose Petal
Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Frosted Lilac
Streetwear Lip Gloss Rose Shimmer
Streetwear Colour Rich Lip Gloss – Retro Funk
Streetwear Sheer Temptation Lip Gloss-Hot Choci
Streetwear Color Rich Lip Gloss – Pink Desire


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  1. Lovely post Neha, never tried any of these as I’m not a lipgloss person at all as I have a very fuller pout so lipgloss kind of looks not so good on me, I’m better off with matte lipsticks.

  2. Such a great post (for me) 😛 I was looking for some pocket friendly lip glosses and was really confused which brand to go for. And this post came to my help. Thank youuu *puchhi*
    Just one question, do these lip glosses cost the same,rs. 235?

  3. Mulberry dip and retro funk seem very pretty *woot* *woot* i had tried a few of my friend’s glosses and they were pretty decent and good with colour pay-off too *happy dance*

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